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10+ Amazing Real-Life She-Hulks You Wouldn’t Believe Actually Exist!


The Hulk is a legendary comic book character who is a symbol of strong emotions and sheer body size. Nowadays, the usage of the word Hulk is common. We know it to signify a man who fulfills these characteristics.

Basically, the Hulk was a normal man who got exposed to some radiation. He thus suffered bouts of being a huge, powerful, green creature. However, there is another character called the She-Hulk, who is the female counterpart. And just like there are real-life Hulks, there are real-life She-Hulks. Check out a few of them below:

#1: The Strongest Woman on Earth

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Becca Swanson was born in November 1973. She is an American bodybuilder with multiple world records. However, her true passion is not bodybuilding, but powerlifting. She is also a professional wrestler and strongwoman.

She holds many accolades in competitive weightlifting. In fact, she is usually referred the as the strongest woman in the world. She holds the record for the woman with the highest deadlift, the highest squat, and much more. She is also the only female in the world to ever squat more than 800 pounds. Strongwoman contests are also a huge preference with her.

Her height is a strapping five feet, ten inches. Her weight is no less than 110 kg. These physical characteristics, along with her huge strength and muscles, qualify her for a real She-Hulk. As of June 2005, she has lifted a total of 873 kilograms.

#2: The Best Among Women and Men

D:\Drafting\28.9\2211\2.jpgiriskyle001 // Twitter

This professional American bodybuilder is named Iris Floyd Kyle. She was born in 1974. The most amazing fact about her is probably that she is at present the most successful bodybuilder. This statistic includes both males and female.

She has ten Ms. Olympia wins under her belt along with seven Ms. International wins. While she is no stranger to acing professional female bodybuilding competitions, she does have other things on her plate. As she has already gone through one retirement, this is no surprise.

In addition to her successful bodybuilding career, Kyle is also a real estate agent. She also works on her trainer persona when she’s not training herself. Her background includes several sports, including a basketball scholarship. However, she majored in business administration with a minor in accounting.

She did not always have her current physique, though. After moving to California, she felt overwhelmed looking at the fit and toned people all around her. She quickly obtained a gym membership and started working on the body she wanted.

#3: The Unfortunate She-Hulk

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Posted by The Incredible Hulk Woman on Tuesday, July 9, 2013

However, being a She-Hulk does not always constitute a strong physique and jacked muscles. Helen Stephens may share a name with a female athlete, but she is in no shape to enter any contests.

This is a mother over fifty years old. She suffers from something mysterious. Previously, doctors called it the Stiff Person syndrome, but her tests for this have come back negative. When caught in the throes of an attack, she goes through painful body spasms. Her body thus wells to almost twice its size in a matter of minutes.

The result is that she has to take a huge amount of tranquilizers every day. Her muscles get hard and shake a lot. Even though doctors have been working with her for years, she does not respond to any of its treatments.

This woman may not have world records for bodybuilding or weightlifting. However, she does have our respect and sympathy for going through so much pain. In her own words, her attacks are like hot pokers under her skin. They only worsen as the years go by. In order to get a definite diagnosis, she is also the subject of a Channel 5 documentary.

Like the Hulk, Stephens’ muscles tear as they balloon to twice their size. Plus, her attacks are triggered by several factors. This includes stress and even some types of food.

#4: The British Strongwoman

D:\Drafting\28.9\2211\4.jpgDonnaMoore05D // Twitter

In the first World’s Strongest Woman contest in 2003, Donna Moore was the victor. She is a British strongwoman who thoroughly deserves the title of a She-Hulk.

She is also the only competitor who has finished the final stone in the Atlas Stones competition. In fact, lifting heavy stones may be said to be her specialty. In the case of the Atlas Stones, the last stone weight a massive 308 pounds or 140 kg. The heaviest stone she has ever lifted is 148.9 kg. This is also the record for the heaviest stone lifted by a female athlete.

#5: The Towering Giant


Like Helen Stephens above, this entry is also a bit different from the others here. Gwendoline Christie is neither a bodybuilder nor a weightlifter. She is an actress in the hugely popular show, Game of Thrones.

Her She-Hulk characteristic is mainly her height. She has to play a powerful role in her show and requires no CGI effects for that area. Her height is a whopping 6 feet three inches. This makes her taller than almost every man or woman she comes into contact with. Her warrior persona as Brienne of Tarth is thus no surprise. Fans of the show had wanted her for the role even before she started playing it.

This She-Hulk started out as a gymnast but was unable to continue due to a spine injury. While she previously had troubles accepting her body, she stands tall and proud of it today. She sure does challenge the traditional standards of feminine beauty, and we can’t help but applaud her for it.

#6: The Steroid User

Трухинатор?? #snpro #nataliatrukhina

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At 171 cm and 114 kg, Nataliya Trukhina is a world armlifting and bench press champion. She is also a deadlift champion for Europe. With only one arm, she can lift around 75 kg.

Her schooling includes institutions that are mainly focused on physical culture. AT the age of 14, she began training as a powerlifter. Even when she was a child, she weighed around 90 pounds and was very involved in contact sports. She also played a variety of other sports such as softball.

While she does use the gym and a strict diet, Trukhina is also known for her steroid use. Her usage included estrogen blockers as well as anabolic steroids. The sports she now plays do not require drug tests, however.

Currently, her career is at the point where she is a bodybuilding coach. She has also been the recipient of sponsorships from several sports nutrition brands. In addition to this, she has also dabbled in a bit of acting.

#7: The Svelte Heroine

At first glance, Charlotte Heffelmire looks like an ordinary teenager. However, she has displayed great strength when it was the most needed by her family.

Her father was working on an old pickup truck in their garage. However, his jack slipped and the garage immediately caught on fire. Her father was caught under the truck. However, his daughter soon ran in and singlehandedly lifted the truck off her father! All this at only 120 pounds and five feet six.

Heffelmire was also smart enough to realize that the house was in danger. She quickly jumped in the truck and backed it out of the garage sideways. All this when the vehicle was only running on three wheels! She then attempted to put out the flames with a hose until the firefighters arrived.

However, she did suffer quite a few burns. This led her to stop going to the Air Force Academy. She now plans to focus on public service. In the meantime, she is being hailed as a hero in her hometown.

#8: The Chinese Musclewoman

Zhou Lulu was born in 1988 and is a Chinese female weightlifter. She has set a world record of a total of 318 kg in the heavyweight category.

In the tradition of Chinese women, she stands a little shorter than most weightlifters. Her height is five feet nine inches. However, she is no stranger to Asian, Olympic, and World competitions. She has won the world medal several times at each of these levels.

#9: Holder of Many Records


At 170 cm and over 118 kg, Jang Mi-ran is a South Korean weightlifter. She has represented her country several times in the Olympic Games, winning many positions in the top three.

She has won three straight world championship titles in the women’s +75 kg category. She has made world records for weightlifting and broken them herself. Her name is well-known in South Korean. There has even been a Korean drama based on her life.

#10: The Tiny Superhuman

Choe Hyo-sim is a North Korean woman who is quite small when it comes to stature. She stands at only five feet, two inches. Her weight is around 62 kg or 137 lb. In the physical aspect then, she’s not very Hulk-like.

However, she does possess great strength. Her weightlifting accolades tell us as much. Born in 1993, the Koran weightlifter is capable of lifting more than her weight. She won the silver medal at the 2016 Summer Olympics. In fact, she has lifted nearly double her weight when it comes to weightlifting championships.

This just goes to show that a She-Hulk doesn’t necessarily have to be tall and/or ripped. We know very little about North Korea’s nuclear program, though. So there may be some speculation about her being exposed to radiation back home.

#11: The Super Cheerleader

D:\Drafting\28.9\2211\11.jpgMicrosoftfood // reddit

Born in late 1984, Aleesha Young is a female American bodybuilder. She won the NPC USA Championship in 2014. Her success as a bodybuilder is not so surprising, given her muscle-prone body and family background.

Young’s father is a retired bodybuilder himself. He also participated in bodybuilding contests in his heyday. Her sister and brother are players of ice hockey, while the latter also plays America football. There is no doubt that all these sorts require quote a bit of bulk!

In her school days, Young played a variety of sports. These included basketball, soccer, and softball. While she was mocked for her huge muscles even as a teenager, she was confident enough to become a cheerleader. We all appreciate her physical and mental capabilities! It was only at the age of 15 that she started bodybuilding in earnest under her father’s training.

To date, Young has competed in several bodybuilding competitions. She has achieved high positions in all of them. In fact, she hasn’t been out of the top ten since 2009.

#12: The Rebel

3x ADCC champion! Orgulho da minha história, orgulho do meu caminho. Entrei mais uma vez pra história do meu esporte. Hoje lutei bem, finalizei minha primeira luta em 50 segundos, a segunda luta contra a sinistra Gessica oliveira que me venceu no adcc 2015. E finalizei em 1:10 a minha final contra a campeã mundial, e uma das meninas que mais admiro no jiu jitsu @talita_treta Eu queria muito este adcc, passei por muita dificuldade para chegar aqui, muita dor, muito julgamento. Quero agradecer ao meu mestre @fabiogurgel @cobrinhacharles ao meu treinado de wrestling @raphaeldavis205 meu preparador físico @kennethleverich Eu fiz apenas um, um treino para o adcc, passei por fases ruins, e tive ao meu lado pessoas que me ajudaram muito e hoje sei que posso contar. Meu querido @bear_cat_ @scottcarrgbcm obrigado por abrir as portas para mim. Ao meu manager que atura minhas loucuras @primetime360esm ao @titoortiz1999 por me fazer gostar de wrestling. A minha amiga e irmã @criscyborg e @rayelbe por sempre acreditarem em mim. Meu pai, minha irmã, minha mãe, mayra, meu amor @brunogbalmeida e todos que estão comigo. Esse título é nosso. Ao @rizin_pr @rizin_staff @nobu_sakakibara que hoje são minha família. EU SOU A MELHOR GRAPPLING DO MUNDO ? Obrigado Deus. @adccsubmission #adcc2017 #adcc #gabigarcia #teamgabigarcia #jiujitsu #bjj #champion #rizin2017 #finland

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The towering Gabrielle “Gabi” Lemos Garcia stands at a tremendous height. Her jaw is probably one of the most striking physical features she possesses. In fact, her whole physique is something to break all female body stereotypes.

This She-Hulk is a Brazilian world champion in grappling and Jit-Jitsu. She is also a member of the IBJJF Hall of Fame. Her sports record spans a variety of contact sports. These include shoot boxing, mixed martial arts, and more. She has held records and medals in each of these areas.

Currently, in her early thirties, Garcia holds no less than nine Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu championships. She holds several other honors as well, but not without a bit of controversy. Basically, she tested positive for a certain drug in 2013 and was stripped of the IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship medal.

However, the drug was found to be illegal for men, but only a fertility drug for women. She was hence not suspended and allowed to take part in the Championship.

Garcia has also been known for getting a little carried away during rounds. Eye pokes and illegal soccer kicks during shoot boxing are just a few examples. This, along with her size and strength, adds to her She-Hulk characteristics. With such a huge size comes a huge bank of emotions. The fictional male version of the Hulk is also known for losing control of his actions and suffering for it

There is no doubt that all these women are highly unusual and awe-inspiring. Of course, we cannot condone the usage of steroids or the breaking of fighting rules. However, none of this denies the sheer talent of female bodybuilders and weightlifters. At the same time, the Hulk-like disorder gives us pause to think about those less fortunate.

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