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+10 Clear Signs That She Is Crazy About You

The power of non-verbal communication is so strong and direct, that even if you don’t have the first idea of what to look for, you could still easily feel if another person is attracted to you. Some experts say that over 80% of the communication that is happening between people is non-verbal, which is why it is so important to get better at “reading” other people if aren’t good at this skill yet. Hopefully reading this article is going to help you out.

I set up together the most conspicuous signs that will affirm that a young lady truly loves you.

12. Her pupils get wider every time she sees you.


Eye contact affects the production of oxytocin. This hormone helps us feel as if we are bonded with a person. That is why we always try to make eye contact with someone we like.

  • When your eyes meet, the girl takes her gaze away shyly. A girl who is not interested in a man will never do this.
  • Her pupils will get wider every time she talks to you, although it is not so easy to notice. This is a general rule. Our pupils always get wider when we see someone we like.

11. the position of her legs


Another way you can gauge what a girl feels about you is to notice the positioning of her legs. If her legs are crossed, that means that she is not willing to open up to you – that means that you should give her more space and try to make her more comfortable.

  • Stretched legs and crossed ankles
    are a sign of untrust or even disdain. When a girl feels comfortable and she is interested, her ankles will never be crossed.
  • If her legs are crossed, pay attention to her feet. The toes of her shoes are like a compass needle. If they point at you, this probably means she likes you and would like to know you better.

10. She tries to sit closer to you.


When 2 people are within one room, the distance between them can say a lot about their relationship.

  • If she likes you, she will try to sit closer to you, even if she is shy.
  • A foolproof method to find out if she really likes you: enter her comfort zone(approximately 2 feet from her face). If she moves back, it is a bad sign. But if she stays where she is, then she likes you.

9. She keeps her back straight and shows her breasts.


  • In order to make an impression, a girl will try to keep her back straight, show her breasts, and suck in her belly. And believe us, it will be very hard to ignore

8. Note the position of her thumb.


This gesture is more used by men when they try to put their thumbs inside their pockets or belt. However, girls also use this trick, though in a more sophisticated way.

  • Pay attention if she puts her thumb behind her belt, purse, or any other accessory. This is a sign that she is trying to attract your attention to her face, hips, or breasts. Thus, this is a sign that she is interested.

7. She copies your pose or gestures.


Pay attention if the girl “mirrors” your pose, gestures, or behavior. For example, you touch your hair, and she does the same a minute later. You whisper, and she whispers.

  • This imitation happens instinctively and means that she is trying to understand you better and find something in common. By the way, this refers to both sexes.

6. She shakes her shoe on her toes.


When a girl shakes her shoes on her toes, it means she feels relaxed. She does this when she feels comfortable, tries to attract your attention, or flirts.

  • Remember, the direction in which her shoe or her knee points is the object of her interest.

5. She often checks her clothes or hair.


If the girl tries to check her clothes, hair, or accessories in your presence, this means that she is nervous.

  • Those movements help her to regain her confidence and make sure that she looks good. If she is not interested in you, there is no need for her to fix her looks.

4. She touches her lips.


When a girl touches or licks her lips, it is a clear sign that she is interested or even excited. It is so obvious that they often use this gesture in movies.

  • But be careful: if she licks her lips every couple of minutes, this can be just a bad habit.

3. She often looks into a mirror.


Every girl wants to look flawless. Especially when someone she likes sits near her.

  • So if she takes out her mirror every 10 minutes, this means that she is in a state of unrest and wants to make sure that she looks good.

2. Pay attention to how she holds her hands.


A closed pose with hands crossed on the chest is not necessarily a sign of disdain or a definite “No.“ Sometimes a girl can feel shy and not ready to open up to you so quickly. Be a little bit more delicate.

  • However, straight hands means she is giving you the ”green light.”

1. She twitches a lock of her hair.


When a girl feels shy or, on the contrary, flirts, she instinctively touches her hair and pulls it around her finger. Of course, this refers to girls with long hair.

  • By the way, for the same reason, men ruffle their own hair when they feel nervous.
Illustrations by Daniil Shubin

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