10+ Comics That Will Make You Laugh And Then Cry If You Have Ever Worked In Retail

Working in retail is an absolute nightmare.

You think dealing with people in real life is bad? Just wait until you have to deal with all their fusses, and on top of that, you have to be nice to them. Then they show you attitude and act like they’re hot stuff when all they really are, is annoying.

Like, really really annoying. These comics capture the frustration perfectly.

#1 Swiping.

#2 Do you work here?

#3 Customer service.

#4 Inside and outside of customer service.

#5 Total.

#6 Annoying beeping.

we had builders in at work and it was delightful

#7 Beets headphones.

If retail workers spoke the truth

#8 Cheeseburger.

#9 How to be evil in customer service.


#10 When they search for five cents.

#11 Paying in pennies.

#12 Item isn’t scanning.

#13 Largest package.

#14 Keep the change.

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