10 Things Every Man Should Know How To Do!

You will find a hell lot of prescriptions on what you should have to be a man. Some may require you to buy things, while the other may focus on expanding and investing in the education. 

“We can do anything” is the thing that inserted in each man’s psyche, however “how to do” is as yet an unanswered inquiry. While various “him” know precisely what it takes to be a full-adjusted man, there are a few, who still battle with knowing these things each man should know.

1. Learn to tie a Tie


Note it down. It is the most important thing you should know if your life revolves around formal business meetups and frequent office engagements. Head straight to either the YouTube tutorials or a number of blogs related to this.

2. Change a tire.


Sometimes, we don’t have the luxury of having someone stop by, in order to help us in dealing with a flat tire. Or imagine what would you do if a hot chick asked you to help her out? To deal with these situations, you must know how to change a tire. Which is, quite easy!

3. Fight


This doesn’t just include putting on your karate shoes and whipping a*ses. Fighting means you should be able to defend your own self quite maturely and easily. And if they don’t listen, well, it’s time!

4. Know how to sew


Yes, it’s for you. You, yes you. Who still believes in using super glue. Please do know there exists a perfect solution for this problem rather super gluing the buttons immaturely.

5. Talk your way out of everything.


Being a man, you should know how to deal with any such unexpected situation. Take a step forward, and talk it out.

6. Read quickly.


To save you from drowning in the sea of embarrassment while you read something that other find less popular, you must know how to quickly move your eyes to read.

7. Keep a well-stocked bar.



Even if you’re not planning to throw a party this weekend, have your bar well-stocked. You never know who might drop by.

8. Flower purchasing.


Roses aren’t the choice always. You simply can’t hand over roses to everyone. Every man must know how and what florals to choose from, depending on the occasion.

9. Manage stress


Yep! Having a Y chromosome, you are already on a path of having a lot of stress in your life. But it’s not always about worrying. Every man should be able to deal effectively with stress. He should know how to manage things.

10. Do the laundry


No. It’s not something that is to be done by women only. Even a man must know how to do that unless you’re all okay in paying the hefty laundry bills.

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