10 Things That I Learned After Staying At A Nudist Sex Resort For A week.

You know that sex sells, right? In many countries, sex travel is totally legal and travelers are the people who love going to nudist resorts, chalets, taking their clothes off, and having sex with each other.

Here we are going to talk about a woman who is not a swinger nor in an open relationship. She is a happily married woman who went to Hedo, a nudist sex resort Located in Negril, Jamaica with her husband. The vast majority believe that on the off chance that you go to a nudist resort you can be sexual with anybody. Of course, there are individuals stripped however it doesn’t mean there are no limits. She has taken on many and new things that she might want to impart to us. Continue perusing to find out about it.

Take a look at these 10 things that this woman learned after going to the nudist resort.

1 Nobody cares what you look like

“The first time I walked to the nude side of the resort I was terrified. All I could think about was “I’m about to be naked in front of strangers. What was I thinking before asking my husband to get into this? Dear Lord, why didn’t I hit the gym the last 6 months? Why do I love cheese so much??!!” But you know what? The moment I stripped myself naked and went to the nudist side, nobody noticed me. Everyone else was too busy enjoying themselves. No one pointed & laughed, no one body-shamed me. It was like any other day on the beach but without clothes.”

2 Yes, there is nudity

“It’s all nude out there and no one is worried about their look and body figure. People treat each other nicely and nobody gives you the weird look for being naked.”

3 Not all are that attractive

“In a place like a nudist resort,  you will find a lot of people in their 40s and older. It seems that most people aren’t comfortable enough in their skin to do this sort of thing until later in life. If you want to feel attractive naked, surround yourself with naked people decades older than yourself.”

4 There is sex

“Whether you are doing it or not, you will see sex and a lot of it. I witnessed a man in his late 40s lay his female companion down on the pool bar, open her legs, and go down on her in full view of the other guests. It was all happening when I was having my dinner near the pool.”

5 You will become comfortable chatting with people while you are naked 

“Talking to a stranger itself feels awkward at times and being naked while talking to someone when you are naked is definitely something that you will never want to try in your life. But once you are in there, it’s all normal when you see naked people around you.”

6 Foam party is exciting

“A foam party is what it sounds like. The pool is filled with foam and you dance in it naked. They are messy but also super fun.”

7 You will have amazing time at fetish night

“Wednesday is Fetish Night at Hedo, where the scene is set with leather and lingerie. The entertainment at Fetish Night features Cirque du Soleil-level acrobatics, with half-naked people dangling from ropes and cables, seductively stretching and bending and folding for the audience.”

8 You meet lovely people

“Many people who come to the nudist resort are rich and open-minded people. They are completely comfortable with who they are and they have nothing to hide. My dining companion, who on Fetish Night showed up to dinner in full leather regalia, a leash, and collar fastened around his neck. As we sat, he began to tell me a story, then apologized for speaking to me with his mouth full.”

9 While you are in your room, you can hear people having sex all night

“There is no shame at all and the people you heard having sex and making noise all night, most likely they will say hello to you and even have coffee with you. And guess what? It doesn’t feel awkward at all. Hedo celebrates sexuality, and your neighbours are going to take advantage of that.”

10 Having sex in public

“In just a few days you will be so comfortable being naked that you won’t feel scared or awkward anymore and you will end up having sex in public. “The Playroom” at Hedo is a plush, seductive area with beds draped in white linens, with electric-purple walls and a very open-to-the-public shower. In The Playroom, a lot of couples have sex like nobody is watching.”

Image source: Instagram

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