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11 Mysterious Things Even Scientists Can’t Explain

Since early times, we’ve tried to describe numerous amazing things that exist on our planet. Nearly all these items have become clarified. But, there are still some phenomena which can be really hard to trust.

We Collected 11 mysterious phenomena which can be created by people or nature.

11. Bimini Road

In the 1930s, American psychic Edgar Cayce asserted that at 1968 or 1969 the ruins of this lost city of Atlantis will be seen at Bimini.

In September 1968, 700 meters of placed lime stone cubes were present from the ocean near Paradise Point in northern Bimini. The chain of blocks has become called “Bimini Road.”

Some think these would be the remains of the famed culture. Others believe that it’s the end result of this sea bed deepening.

10. Andrew Carlssin

In 2003, the FBI arrested a man accused of a stock exchange scam. Having only $800,he earned $350 million through 126 risky deals.

After being arrested, Andrew said that he received the information from the future. According to his words, he came from the year 2256 in a time machine. Someone later paid a bond of $1 million for him, and Andrew Carlssin disappeared.

9. The boiling river

A little boy named Andrés Ruzo often heard from his grandfather the legend of the river that literally “boiled” its enemies in its water. He dreamed of discovering this river.

Growing older, he became a geologist, took a local shaman as a guide, and discovered the river in 2011. The temperature of the water was around 86°C (186°F). The miracle of its existence is that the river is 700 km from the closest volcano.

8. Yonaguni submarine ruins