11 Things Every Guy Wants To Tell His Girlfriend’s Boobs.

Do you also love your girlfriend’s boobs? There might be so much you wish you could tell your girlfriend’s boobs. Right? I know, I feel you guys.

Here are a couple of things each person wishes to reveal to her better half’s boobs. How about we check whether you’re ready to relate and in the event that you don’t then, believe me, old buddy, you’re gay.

1. I can never really decide which one of you I love more.


Because you both are love and I want you both to be with me forever.

2. Waking up to you is the best way to wake up.


Let me tell you that I want you as my morning view.

3. If I could, I would make your picture my phone wallpaper.


But I’m way too possessive about you and I don’t want anyone else to see you.

4. Every time I see you, I actually do take a mental picture.


My love for you is indefinite and I can’t take a single moment without you.

5. And I think of that mental picture when I can’t see the real thing


I wish to be with you all the time because no one can make me feel refreshed like you do.

6. Because let’s face it, I miss you guys a lot.


I miss you every single moment when you’re not around me and when you’re near me but I can’t touch you because your owner doesn’t let me to.

7. You grow more beautiful with every day that goes by.


You’re like my baby. Therefore, I love seeing you grow with every passing day.

8. I have some fantasies involving you that I’ll probably never mention


I really want to make you my pillow in times. But I don’t have enough courage to tell these things to your owner.

9. I love to get you out of that bra just as much as you like to get out of it


I know you feel free and comfortable when I get you out of those tight bras your owner trap you in.

10. Every time I see you, it feels like the very first time


Because you’re so beautiful. I can never get enough of you, ever!

11. I want to hold you forever.





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