14 Seductive Features of Men That Are Immediately Noticed by Women

Every lady has her idea of an ideal person. Nevertheless, some individual capabilities of guys seem really enchanting and can induce any woman crazy.

We created an inventory of features that make adult males appealing in the eyes of girls. We paid attention into the specifics of appearance which instantly leap to your eye and blatantly abandoned character apart.

Look what we’ve come up. Do you agree with it?

Thick eyebrows

Thick all-natural eyebrows (of course, whenever they are neat and therefore aren’t combined over the nose) may add greater play and expressiveness to a man’s look. Such eyebrows are directly related to rough, but magnetic douleur splendor.


An image of a man shaving before an important event became a part of our culture long ago. Clean-shaven cheeks are considered a sign of orderliness and accuracy. However, designer stubble is also fashionable and doesn’t cause any negative associations. Many women see it as attractive. For them, it seems like this guy likes breaking rules — and this is always interesting.

Full lips

Full lips seem attractive if only they don’t talk nonsense. In any other case, their owner looks like a kind and open-hearted person.

High cheekbones

High cheekbones add some carnivorous looks to their owner, especially if he has a serious facial expression and his head is tilted forward. This look tells a woman that this man is confident and strong.


Veins on hands become visible after hard physical work. That’s why they are associated with strength and stamina. Tensed arms look sexy to many women also because veins add texture to a male body.

Streaks of grey hair at the temples

Grey hair is often associated with respectable age, which equates with experience and wisdom. Women project these qualities onto the man and that’s why he may seem attractive and charming for them.

A toned stomach

Many women like exactly this flat and toned stomach, not a six-pack. A healthy body shows that he pays attention to the way he looks and doesn’t have any unhealthy habits.

A hair trail on a stomach

Some people believe that women don’t like men with body hair. However, many stereotypes are not true to life. A hair trail that goes up to a belly button seems very seductive to many women.


Some men avoid showing their emotion: someone doesn’t want to seem weak or sentimental. Nevertheless, lively emotions, like slight embarrassment, may bring people closer to each other in some spicy situations. Red cheeks after the first kiss won’t leave any girl indifferent.


A man’s natural smell drives a woman crazy. Of course, we don’t mean the odor after a tough workout, but, rather, the body’s natural scent. If two people like the smell of each other, they both will feel attraction. By the way, many girls like men’s perfume.


Sometimes men are embarrassed to wear glasses because they remember school stereotypes. Yet, many girls would admit that this detail adds some charm to its owner. Maybe it’s so because glasses are associated with intellect.

Cooking skills

Many people still think that cooking is not for men. This is not true because a man in the kitchen looks very seductive. The bonus is that he can make a culinary masterpiece.

Love to animals

It shouldn’t be just passion to one particular breed of fighting dogs, but care and love to all kinds of pets. This demonstrates kindness and an ability to give care.

A smile

Men with a cheerful disposition and a good sense of humor are always in demand. A sincere smile and laughing eyes can help to start a conversation, break the ice, and become a powerful weapon for seduction. It works with many women.

Which male traits do you consider attractive? Share your opinion with us in the comments.

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