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15 Live Comics About How Difficult Girls’ Life in Winter Is

Maybe not merely will be winter a snowy fairy-tale and magical New Year time, however, it’s additionally a rainy season from which we should conceal behind snobby down jackets as slippery roads create each and every lady dancing.

Ladies decided to collect all the qualities of their winter that make us experience (or at least feel some discomfort).

We have only one option of what kind of shoes to wear when it’s cold:

Your hat decides what hairdo you will have:

The number of sparks when you put your sweater on tells you how natural it is:


You should make your best to answer a phone call:


“Snow beauty” is not the one we are promised to have in commercials:


And even cuttlefish will envy our clumsiness on the ice:


To look beautiful in the office we should use some tricks:


You can forget about tender and soft lips in winter:


Winter outerwear doesn’t let us stay beautiful in that cool dress:

Volumetric knitted scarves don’t always mean beauty, warmth, and comfort:

Sometimes we have to freeze for the sake of fashion:


It seems that only one day passes between the purchase of a new pair of gloves and the moment we get the first hole in them:


Underpants test us for strength in buildings

And it’s becoming more difficult to be a pretty and seductive woman in winter:


How I look outside vs. How I feel inside

What winter issues would you add to this list?

Let us know in the comments!

Illustrated by Astkhik Rakimova for BrightSide.me

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