15 Manipulation Tricks That Men Still Haven’t Cracked

Women tend to be a mystery – it’s part of our charm, our allure. But it can also be infuriating to men who seem to believe that we’re an uncrackable code of sorts. It’s like it never crossed their minds to ask us exactly what we think, to attempt to crack the impossible themselves. And until they do this, we females are able to get away with a slew of manipulations tactics that can perplex and confuse them to no end. It proves to be especially difficult for dudes who are in a relationship with a woman who has more than a few tricks up her sleeve.

Men should pray that they don’t fall into the hands of manipulative women, because if they do then God help them. Although I really don’t like sharing our skills but men will still fall for it. Oh well! Check out these 12 ways women manipulate men.

Excessive Compliments

We all love compliments, don’t we? Well so do men. And what do they say? Men have a big ego. And women know exactly how to feed their ego. They start complimenting him. Now you may think that it is very normal for a relationship. Partners complement each other all the time. But this time you can notice that the compliments are excessive, even with a lot of emotions behind them.

Different men like different compliments. Some like their looks, other their minds and some love their successful lifestyle. Not surprisingly, all women know which compliments to feed which men.

Uh Oh! She’s crying!


No matter how strong a man is, they cannot handle crying. Especially if it’s the girl they like. Seriously! A crying girl is like a ticking bomb for them, but wait she already exploded! They don’t know what to do. And while your man is panicking, you are smiling on the inside, because you know you have got him now.

This is the oldest trick in the book. You cry and your wishes get done. Daughters do it with their fathers, mothers do it with their children and women do it with their men.

How do you stop a kid from crying? You give him the candy. And that’s exactly what men do, they cave in, they give into the pressure.

That’s how you do it ladies. Works every time!

Comparing Him to Other Guys


You all have been fooled this way, even girls. This is such a classic text book move. Remember boys and their ego? Well boys don’t like being compared to other boys. Men have a competitive streak and if you provoke them? They will do your bidding.

Start your sentence by saying “Did you know what Sarah’s boyfriend got her? Why don’t you ever do this for me?”. You will get immediate results, because for them, you are liking this other guy a lot more than them and they can’t have that.

Making Him Feel Important


Nowadays, men rarely get a chance to show their “knight in shining armor” side. Women have gotten so strong (You go ladies!) and independent that they don’t feel the need to seek out their men help in every single task.

Women are clever and they use this trick at the right time to get the right thing. Playing helpless makes your men feel so important and good about themselves that they would do just about anything to prove to you that they are useful and can help you in any way.

Avoiding Him


At the beginning of the relationship, it’s the men that uses this technique but we women forget nothing and later on adopt this technique further in the relationship to keep the men on their toes.

If you start avoiding him, not paying much attention or delaying responses to his text messages, he is going to freak out! Now he is thinking what has he done wrong? Was it the date? Or am I moving this too fast? All day he will be trying to crack the code but in reality he has done nothing wrong and you are just trying to spice up your relationship.

This could backfire as well, as men don’t like the baggage of a relationship. Instead of making it right, they might give you up entirely and find their interest elsewhere.

Constant Nagging


Nagging is an art. Too much and you are doomed. Too little and it won’t work. Like men hate crying, they absolutely can’t stand whining women. Women like to whine about everything! Their clothes, weight, another person’s clothes and what not.

A women’s mind is always working and she always needs to have something.

Nagging can be a weapon to get what you want because your men is too tired by hearing the same complaints and he will oblige to your needs.

Let Him Have the Last Word


Whenever you are having an argument or discussion with your partner, you need to have the last word! Really it’s like an itch, if you don’t get it, it will bother you all day. Well the same goes for your partner, so if you really want to confuse him, give him the last word. He is going to feel all high and mighty. If you don’t, you guys will never stop fighting and it will boil over to something ugly.

Giving Him The Silent Treatment


You know what’s really scary? When a women stops talking. If you had an argument with your girl and she is not talking to you, means it’s pretty bad. She might not text you the whole day and now you are anxious around her and thinking very carefully what to say to her, because anything might set her off. You don’t want to do that. So you try being extra nice and doing whatever she asked of you months ago. And while you are freaking out, she is enjoying herself.

Do You Know What’s Funny


When you hear these words, you better sit your ass down, because she DID NOT FIND THIS FUNNY AT ALL! And she is going on a rant about what you did wrong and what you always do wrong. And you have no choice but to listen to her. She is looking you dead in the eyes and you are doomed and she will end up making you feel ashamed even though it wasn’t such a big of a deal.

Women have a secret language, which is quite easy to crack if a man pays attention. Have you ever heard a women say “she’s fine”? Well she obviously isn’t, idiot. And men who observe this know this to be the case, and they start walking on egg shells around the girl, thinking what they did wrong and how can they fix it this time?

Sweeten It Up!


You don’t always have to be scary. You can be affectionate. Guys love the sudden affection. And really it works better than everything else. Give him more attention, more compliments, more love and he is all yours to do the bidding. Also it is good for your relationship and for his behavior. Next time you might not even have to go through all this trouble.

Drama! Drama! Drama!


Women were made for the drama and really only they know how to use it. If you ever had an argument with your girl, you know she remembers everything. A woman’s memory is better than the computer at remembering all the faults you did throughout your relationship. And she loves bringing that up in every argument. Remember how you lied to me about going to meet your friends? Remember how you forgot to pick up the laundry? Remember when you forgot my birthday? Or when you made me wait? The list goes on and on and on. Women will do anything to win an argument.

Now girls if you are worried that I have revealed all your tricks, don’t be. Men don’t care. And like I said, they would still fall for it.

Not Everything She Does Is A Mind Game


Women are not evil! After reading this, don’t turn on to your girlfriends, because this is not the case with everyone. Sometimes you just are not doing the right thing and her reactions are for real. Emotionally, women are on a different level than men, so if she asks you “how she looks”? She wants an honest answer, no mind games involved.

Try to be active in all fields. Pay attention to her, shower her with compliments, understand her. Believe me she will be happy.

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