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+15 Photos Everyone Should Look at Twice Because the Girls’ Clothes Are Painted

Most likely everybody needs to have a go at resembling our most loved character or accomplishing something stunning and afterward giggling later on finished individuals’ shocked countenances. Body Art craftsman Jen encourages her customers to understand their dreams by painting them appropriate on their bodies.

I assembled the most intriguing “ensembles” of Jen’s accumulation. Might you want to end up noticeably one of these pictures?

Artist Jen.



© jenthebodypainter/instagram

Crop top.


© jenthebodypainter/instagram

Wedding dress.

She painted a gorgeous wedding dress on her beautiful model Joy Jewel.

Thematic holidays.


© jenseidelartist/imgrum

She drew an outfit for the Little PUFF 2017 event.


© jenseidelartist/imgrum

A fabulous alive sculpture created with Storytime Media (the media company that tells stories through photos and videos).

Festive attire.


© jenseidelartist/imgrum

Jen creates many body art projects in partnership with local media companies, which are elated to work with her.

A body art project for the sporting event called Go Orioles!.

A promo action.

Jen creates such amazing “suits” for outdoor advertising to attract visitors and clients. Grab some ideas!

Floral fantasy.

Jen painted herself. It looks like a tight bodysuit.

More of Jen’s body art models:


“Draw something like you draw on your models!” Such desires are running through new clients’ minds when they come to Jen, and they are probably always pleased.

Walking through a shopping mall.


© jenthebodypainter/instagram


© jenthebodypainter/instagram © jenthebodypainter/instagram

Jen and her daughter painted their models for three hours and created a nice autumn outfit. Only rhinestones, a scarf, and the hats were real. Everything else was painted on their bare skin.

“We walked through a shopping mall to see people’s reaction. It was rather interesting,” Jen says.

Would you dare wear such clothes? Tell us in the comments!

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