17 Animals Who Know How to Pose for a Perfect Shot

Creatures are normally photogenic and can make totally entertaining photographs. I need to demonstrate to you a couple of them.

1. I know, I have the most beautiful smile.


© unknown / imgur

2. You said we couldn’t go for a walk because you were busy. The problem is solved.


3. Oops, I think that was a mistake.


© CareBear3 / reddit

4. Just raising some money for the puppy school!


© EthicalReasoning / reddit

5. NO!!! My name is not Yoda.


© Matthew Henry / unsplash

6. I am a supercat.


© unknown / imgur

7. Let’s call it my best side.


8. OMG, is there a mouse over there?

9. It was a good deal: buy 2, get one free.

10. You won’t believe what just happened! The tree fainted!


11. I’m just relaxing with a newspaper.

12. Oops! It looked much better than it tasted.

13. Thank goodness you’re here. The pillow exploded.

14. Really?


15. “Cheese!”

16. You are so going to pay for this.

17. Special order suitcase


© unknown / imgur

18. It’s so hot that hamsters are melting.


© unknown / imgur

Do you have any funny animal photos? Please share them in the comments. And share with your friends!

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