18 Months Ago She Was 485 Pounds, Now She’s Inspiring Instagram With Her Advice

There is no such thing as the ‘perfect body’ type, but there does come a point where diet and exercise habits can become a health issue.

One woman named Lexi Reed decided to turn her life around and she has been sharing her inspirational photos to Instagram showing off her impressive progress.

She didn’t have to do it alone either, her husband Danny Reed was right at her side. He also changed his diet and made exercise a priority.

Look at the photographs of the couple’s astounding change.

Whenever Lexi and Danny Reed made the acknowledgment that their weights and way of life weren’t ordinary or solid they chose to roll out the improvement together.

Whenever the couple would go out to a buffet, it was pretty normal for them to make several trips to fill up their plates.

They also helped themselves to an excessive amount of unhealthy foods such as pizza, chips, candy, soda, and lots of fried and fast food.

On New Year’s Day 2016, the couple made the decision to make some big life changes together and a year later the couple managed to lose 298 pounds together.

Lexi has been overweight pretty much all of her life. When she met Danny in 2007 they went out to eat frequently.

At the beginning of their journey, Lexi was 5’6″ and weighed 485 pounds and 5’8″ Danny weighed 281 pounds.

She had tried losing weight a few times over her life but had always gained it back again.

But as she started to get older she realized that her weight could eventually affect the amount of time she gets with Danny and her ability to be a mother. That was the one thing that really motivated her.

Once the New Year’s Resolution was made, a friend dared the couple to give up alcohol, going out to eat, or having a cheat meal.

They took the dare and also began going to the gym together. Lexi made it her priority to do a half hour of cardio four times a week.

After the first month, they incorporated healthier things into their diets such as vegetables, salmon, and chicken–healthy carbs and lean protein. ‘We just switched the fast food for healthy choices.’

Lexi lost about 20 pounds each month and is constantly reevaluating what her goals are. Today she works out for five or six days a week and does a mix of cardio and weight training alongside Danny.

‘This helped our relationship a lot and that is pretty cool,’ Danny said. ‘Us being able to do stuff together has brought us closer together.’

The couple gave a few tips on what they did to get to where they are now if you’re trying to lose some weight.

First, mark your workout plan in your calendar. This will help make it a priority. Using a buddy system also helps. And last is to find what your motivation is.

At the end of the year, Danny lost 62 pounds and Lexi lost 236. Another thing that keeps her motivated is looking at photos on her Instagram of how far she’s come.


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