18 Terrifying But Wonderful Food Pictures That Will Leave You Confused

Food is one of the tastiest necessities we need to survive. But at the same time eating food is slowly killing us too.

We can’t win!

We all love food, and in most circumstances, there’s no chance anything will put us off it.

But there are lots of things we don’t know about our food, other than the basics.

There are still a lot of things we don’t know about food and the things we eat.

Which is rather odd if you’re not aware of it!

Most organic products, like the food we eat, animals, and even use, have a life cycle.

It’s just a part of life, and it’s completely natural!

This means that fruits and vegetables also have a cycle of life, too.

Their life cycle is filled with constant growth, which doesn’t always fit with our idea of ‘normal’. But then again, what does?

Even though you’ve picked some fruit or some vegetables, doesn’t mean they don’t stop sprouting or growing.

As long as the seeds are intact, then it’ll continue to grow and in a way ‘reproduce’.

If your unaware of this, discovering that this happens can be rather strange.

Most people would never imagine strawberry seeds sprouting while they’re still on the plant, and they wouldn’t even imagine their artichokes blooming right in front of them!

It just goes to show that nature is a constant source of surprise and wonderment!

Take a look at these incredible photos that will blow your mind!

1. Sprouting Cabbage 

I never expected to see a cabbage quite like that! I wonder if you plant it, will it grow another one?

2. Little Leaves 

Is it weird that I find this photo oddly cute? It is, isn’t it?

3. Squished Squash

While I know this looks gross, It’s actually just squash sprouts!

4. Potatoe Spikes

It looks like an alien is growing out of the bag!

5. Lemon Sprouts

How old does a lemon have to be before it does that? Yuck!

6. A Mini Apple Tree

Does this mean there’s some truth behind the theory that eating an apple seed means a tree will grow inside you?

7. Pregnant Pumpkin

This pumpkin is certainly ready to be planted!

8. Sprouting Season

This is pretty incredible, don’t you think?!

9. Alien Plant

Now, this avocado looks like something straight out of a science fiction novel! Talk about freaky!

10. Tomato Sprouts

At least it’s not worms sprouting out of there! But it still looks freaky as hell!

11. A Little Coconut Tree 

Wait, is this what coconut trees start off as? That’s incredible!

12. Green Peppers

This red pepper was clearly made pregnant by a green pepper! Can’t you tell?

13. Still Freaky

Yeah, I still find this freaky as hell!

14. A Little Flower

While this is gross, it’s also kind of beautiful! I love that color!

15. What Is This?

Wait, what the hell is that suppose to be? Oh wait, is that a cabbage? That’s crazy!

16. Sprouting Strawberries 

I wonder why they do that? It’s crazy!

17. Monster Potato 

Is that a potato in my cupboard or a monster straight from Hell?

18. A Little Tree

Aww, this is actually quite cute!

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