19 Cool Animals You Can Meet Once in a Lifetime

All animals are different, but not all the differences are visible to the eye. Some animals have a special story, some have interesting markings, and all have unique personalities.

ViralMag has decided to share photos of animals that were given a very unusual appearance by nature. At the end of the article, there is a bonus which will tell you how to visually make any animal into an extraordinary one.

Judging by the facial expression, this fish doesn’t want any pictures of it to be taken.

© Mymbaka / Pikabu

It’s not every day that you see a curly horse.

© faniearns / Reddit

Just look at the stunning Bengali kitten:

© NKrishnaStark / Reddit

This dog has so much skin on its neck that you could cover an entire other dog with it.

© TheYoungWolf / Reddit

A kitten with very funny curled ears:

© Ana_Brady

Evolution made the camouflage of this orchid mantis perfect:

© 9999monkeys / Reddit

Nature gave this rabbit incredibly long ears.

© SittingInTheDark / Reddit

Tiny danger noodles:

© immotleighton / Reddit

“My friend’s dog, Braveheart. Part husky, part lab, split right down the middle”

© liquorsquicker / Reddit

And here is a mix of a black and a red cat:

Rare white Swedish reindeer

© neselo77 / imgur

Beautiful spots on the forehead:

© aselfdefeatingattitude

Does he look happy?

© vinkulelu

Why would anyone need a horse when you can just Photoshop your dog?

© christophercline

Take me to your leader!

© Pyre Builder / Reddit

A dog with a star on his chest:

© 8 Комментариев YaroslavLada123 / Reddit

This cat at my local rescue shelter has ridiculously long legs:

© McPokie / Reddit

The Mexican mole lizard is so rare that it’s almost mythical.

© 9999monkeys / Reddit

This dalmatian has heart-shaped spots on his eyes:


© BookerDeWittsCarbine / Reddit

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