This 2 Year Old Child Used To Smoke 40 Cigarettes A Day And This Is How He Looks 8 Years Later

Smoking is injurious to health,’ is a warning we have come across several times. And yet, there is no significant decrease in the smoking population. Be it active smoking or passive, the toxic smoke harms the inhaler’s system, irrespective of the means.

People have been ignoring the warning and the hazardous consequences are before the world to see.

More aggravating that not just the grown-ups have tumbled to the bad habit of smoking. The youngsters are likewise its casualties. A couple of years back, Ardi Rizal, a little child living in Sumatra, Indonesia, was known far and wide to smoke 40 cigarettes every day.

Then, his story and photos generated so much wrath, that the Indonesian government was prompted to take a serious stand against smoking among children.

In 2010, the story of Ardi Rizal went viral

Indonesian boy Ardi Rizal shocked the world when his 40 puffs a day habit was revealed seven years ago. Now nine, the young boy has managed to turn his life around.

Taking a puff


The boy from a remote village in Sumatra became an international concern following the backlash of a photo that showed the two-year-old puffing a cigarette while riding his toy car.

Off to Rehab

The 2-year old was sent by the Indonesian government to a rehabilitation center when he was five years of age.

He was given treatment to overcome smoking addiction

He was put on a rehabilitation programme and managed to quit after 30 days of treatment. Though it wasn’t easy, the kid was able to pull it off.

He learned to say ‘no’ because of rehab

At first, when we were weaning Aldi off the cigarettes he would have terrible tantrums, Aldi’s mother Diane Rizal, 32. said in 2013. But now he doesn’t want them.

He replaced one addiction with another

But the little boy developed a huge appetite, eating fatty foods and consuming three cans of condensed milk each day. Aldi’s family then revealed he had become addicted to food and weighed a huge 24 kilograms at the age of 5.

See him

“Aldi is very overweight, his weight doesn’t match his age,” said his then-nutritionist Fransisca Dewi. “His ideal weight is 17kg to 19kg. He was 24kg already. I think it is difficult for them. The mother says Aldi is a spoilt kid. If Diana wants to forbid him eating, it will be hard.” Dewi added.

See him now

And this is how he looks now after having quit to smoke 40 cigarettes a day.

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