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20 Bizarre Pictures Demonstrating We Live In A Strange World

Since the emergence of the internet, creepy stories doubted by everyone that used to be reserved for late night camping gatherings around a forest fire are now just a click away.

Demonstrating all the weirdness, awkwardness and strangeness existing on this lonely planet, millions of unusual snaps wait to be discovered. Here is a selection of some of the most baffling ones.

1. The panoramic camera function demonstrating all its powers

2. When you accidentally cut off your finger only for the doctor to attach one from a little girl

3. You don’t want anyone stealing Frankenstein after you worked so hard piecing it together

4. “Cool set up, bro.”

5. The room the cleaning of which had to be decided by playing rock-paper-scissor

6. Wait for it. Your brain is about to spasm.

7. The definition of not going down without a fight

8. Frogs fencing under a glass dome. Touche!

9. The soul of a stop sign rising from its frozen corpse

10. A photo of a wonderful wedding ceremony taking place in Lucifer’s backyard

11. Worst day of show and tell, ever!

12. But where are his four teenage turtle children, who are possibly mutants and/or ninjas?

13. The Army can teach you so many useful survival skills

14. Science, bitch!

15. All the candy in the world won’t make this day any better

16. This is the guy we learned about in math class

17. Bart’s hair on Homer’s head among coffee mugs in a store might be the best thing that ever happened

18. What genetically modified food really means

19. Cyclopses are real, in case you ever doubted their existence

20. Hi there, pumpkin!

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