20+ Celebrities Who Destroyed Their Looks with Plastic Surgery

Feeling great amount of pressure to always look their best, celebrities often resort to plastic surgeries to try and refresh their aging faces and bodies. Of course, this plan often goes terribly wrong and turns to addiction, leaving them looking rather unpleasant. Here are some stars who totally ruined their looks with plastic surgery.

1 celebs plastic surgeries

Mickey Rourke Then – Mickey is a famous actor, screenwriter and retired boxer who appeared in numerous action and thriller films. During his youth, Mickey was focusing his attention primarily on boxing, but the doctors advised him to exit the ring after he suffered a heavy concussion at the boxing match in 1971.

Mickey Rourke Now – In his later acting years Rourke underwent a lot of facial surgeries, which altered his looks completely.

3 celebs plastic surgeries

Donatella Versace Then – Donatella is an Italian fashion designer and vice president of the Versace Group.

4 celebs plastic surgeries

Donatella Versace Now – She is well known for her plastic surgery obsession and has spent a ton of her money on numerous operations that made her almost unrecognizable.

5 celebs plastic surgeries

Jocelyn Wildenstein Then – Jocelyn is a New York City socialite known for her marriage to Alec Wildenstein in 1999, as well as her ludicrously extravagant lifestyle.

6 celebs plastic surgeries

Jocelyn Wildenstein Now – After numerous facial surgeries, Jocelyn’s face became completely unnatural. Apparently, she wanted to resemble a cat. It is rumored that Wildenstein spent around $4 million on plastic surgeries.

7 celebs plastic surgeries

Cher Then – Nicknames the Goddess of Pop, Cher stole the hearts of American viewers with her distinctive voice and charming personality. Cher’s singing and acting career started in mid ’60s and she managed to maintain her good looks for many years.

8 celebs plastic surgeries

Cher Now – Unfortunately at one point she had a plastic surgery, and then another one, and then a few more, leading to a complete transformation. Cher is still pretty relevant despite her completely different appearance.

9 celebs plastic surgeries

Lisa Rinna Then – Lisa an actress and television host best known for her roles in soap operas. She was also a cast member on the fifth season of Bravo’s reality TV Show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

10 celebs plastic surgeries

Lisa Rinna Now – Her looks completely changed after a couple years ago, but she doesn’t hide the fact that she had multiple plastic surgeries. Lisa also had a couple of botox injections, but she regrets using Juvéderm.

11 celebs plastic surgeries

Pamela Anderson Then – The Canadian beauty and Baywatch star is widely recognized for her tiny figure and big breasts, but not a lot of people remember Pam when she made her first TV appearance on the ’90s show Home Improvement.

12 celebs plastic surgeries

Pamela Anderson Now – Her looks completely changed after her first breast enlargement surgery and lip injections. She has also done several other procedures over the years.

13 celebs plastic surgeries

Carrot Top Then – Scott Thompson, better known by his stage name as Carrot Top a popular stand-up comedian, director, actor, and writer. His stand-up routine was very original when he first came out and consisted of self-deprecating humor, prop comedy and satire.

14 celebs plastic surgeries

Carrot Top Now – Over the years, it was quite clear that Carrot Top has undergone a large amount of plastic surgery to make sure he stays young, but unfortunately, his appearance took a turn for the worse.

15 celebs plastic surgeries

Barry Manilow Then – Barry is one of the best selling musicians in the US, with an amazing and long career. Some of his most popular songs are Mandy, Can’t Smile Without You, and Copacabana. Barry is considered by many as one of the best ballad songwriters of his generation.

Barry Manilow Now – Barry denies ever having plastic surgery but his looks have changed dramatically changed over the years, which left a lot of people wondering whether he’s telling the truth.

17 celebs plastic surgeries

Axl Rose Then – The front-man of one of the biggest hard rock bands in history, Guns N’ Roses, was widely known for his amazing vocal range and his charismatic good looks. Axl was even named by the Rolling Stone as one of the greatest vocals of all time.

18 celebs plastic surgeries

Axl Rose Now – After the band went on hiatus, Rose withdrew from public eye, only to reappear several years later with a completely new look that shocked most of his fans.

19 celebs plastic surgeries

Priscilla Presley Then – Priscilla is an actress and business magnate, as well as the former wife of the late Elvis Presley. You may remember Priscilla from either of the three Naked Gun movies or from her role as Jenna Wade in long-lasting American soap opera Dallas.

20 celebs plastic surgeries

Priscilla Presley Now – It is obvious that Priscilla has done some facial surgeries, along with a facelift in order to regain her youth.

21 celebs plastic surgeries

Michael Jackson Then – The king of pop is one of the most iconic and influential musicians of the 20th century. He is also third best-selling music artist on our planet.

22 celebs plastic surgeries

Michael Jackson Now – As you probably know, MJ passed away in 2009, but for several years prior to his death there was a lot of controversy regarding his ever changing appearance and failed plastic surgeries.

23 celebs plastic surgeries

Lil Kim Then – Lil Kim is without a doubt one of the most popular female rappers in the world. She was considered very attractive early on in her career.

24 celebs plastic surgeries

Lil Kim Now – However, over the last several years, Lil Kim went through multiple facial surgeries, leaving her almost unrecognizable now.

25 celebs plastic surgeries

Ray Liotta Then – Ray is known for his very charismatic and often times aggressive movie rolls. He is often praised for his portrayal of Henry Hill in the legendary film Goodfellas.

26 celebs plastic surgeries

Ray Liotta Now – Although he denies getting any surgical procedures, many people still seem to think that the actor has had a few botox injections, and most likely a facelift as well.

27 celebs plastic surgeries

Paul Stanley Then – Rhythm guitarist and co-leading singer of the very popular ’80s rock band KISS is rumored to be addicted to plastic surgery.

28 celebs plastic surgeries

Paul Stanley Now – This photo is a proof that he had several facial procedures done, including a facelift and brow lift. But, it appears that the famous rocker didn’t stop there. There’s a good chance he got a lip augmentation as well.

29 celebs plastic surgeries

Sharon Osbourne Then – Ozzy Osbourne’s wife and judge on the America’s Got Talent has openly admitted to having several plastic surgeries done.

30 celebs plastic surgeries

Sharon Osbourne Now – She got a facelift, breast implants and leg lift and a few other surgeries as well. “There’s not one thing I haven’t had lifted, cut or sewn back on,” Sharon said during an interview with Anderson Cooper.

31 celebs plastic surgeries

Steven Tyler Then – Aerosmith’s lead singer and famous rocker Steven Tyler made a very significant impact on rock and roll music and his unique looks and charisma made him one of the most recognizable people in music history.

32 celebs plastic surgeries

Steven Tyler Now – Tyler openly admitted that he went through a couple of plastic surgeries and numerous botox injections in the past.

Sylvester Stallone Then – The star of the famous Rocky and Rambo movies has been in the acting business for more than 30 years and still going strong.

36 celebs plastic surgeries

Sylvester Stallone Now – His looks changed drastically since his younger days and watching him in his newer movies does make the impression like he had several plastic surgeries. Apparently, he had jaw restructuring surgery, eye lift and a couple of botox injections.

37 celebs plastic surgeries

Joan Rivers Then – Joan Rivers was an American comedian, actress and TV host famous for her highly controversial comedic performances. Joan’s often confrontational and sometimes aggressive humor usually targeted other celebrities and politicians. Rivers also made fun of herself on many occasions as well.

38 celebs plastic surgeries

Joan Rivers Now – Before passing away in 2014, Joan openly admitted to having undergone a lot of plastic surgeries. She had a facelift, neck lift and eyelid surgery.

39 celebs plastic surgeries

Bruce Jenner Then – Winner of the gold medal during Montreal Summer Olympic games in 1976, and reality show star Bruce Jenner, is well known for going under the needle many times.

40 celebs plastic surgeries

Bruce Jenner Now – During the first few years of his marriage to Kris Jenner, Bruce’s appearance remained pretty much the same. But as the years gone by, it became apparent that Bruce’s face was getting different. We later found out why – his plan was to transition into Caitlyn.

41 celebs plastic surgeries

Pete Burns Then – Pete is an English singer-songwriter and TV personality best known for being vocalist in the band Dead or Alive.

42 celebs plastic surgeries

Pete Burns Now – Burns is known for his ever-changing and androgynous appearance, which he admits has been greatly altered thanks to numerous plastic surgeries. He also revealed in an interview that he spent most of his life savings on a reconstructive surgery after another procedure on his lips went terribly wrong.

43 celebs plastic surgeries

Katie Price Then – Katie is an English TV personality and glamour model previously known by the pseudonym Jordan.

44 celebs plastic surgeries

Katie Price Now – Price underwent a plastic surgery in the United States in order to reduce the size of her breasts implants. She also had rhinoplasty, but wasn’t too happy with the results, which is why she went for another corrective surgery.

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