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20+ Epic Couple Photos That Are Too Bizarre To Be True

We know that “Love is blind”, but is it literally true? They say that one should focus on the inner beauty of their spouse rather than those on bodily attractions. That’s why sometimes we witness really odd couples, but still, they compliment each other in different aspects.

Complimenting each other is just one thing, but behaving in a bizarre way with each other is another. Have you ever posed uniquely with your spouse to capture an adorable memory? I am sure you’ve done that, but not the way these 23 couples are posing. They look hilarious though, they look quirky while trying to be funny!

1. “Sharing is caring”

This couple has taken this quote way too seriously.

2. Is this a Goth couple?

Looks like they have adopted a whole new attitude towards life when walked out from a metal concert.

3. Delivering your love!

This is ridiculous that one is giving birth to her soul-mate. Although, seems like they have worked hard on this picture.

4. It is not what you see!

Well, this couple looks quite decent but unfortunately, the wrong-angled bicycle seat at the back ruined their dignity.

5. Obsessed with cats!

As you can see, this couple has devoted them to the love of kittens.

6. The beloved gym partner

When you have a crush on the man on the gym poster, you can do anything to see both of you together.

7. Brave knight protecting his nude girlfriend.

It is your choice how to show your love to your partner. Their choice of wardrobe is epic though.

8. Opposite attracts!

Don’t focus on their looks, rather pay attention to how happy these two opposites are together.

9. A Happy couple, unhappy cats!

The couple looks really happy while modelling nude, but what about poor unhappy cats?

10. Gender-free love!

It’s you who decide whom to marry, but it’s better to discuss with your well-wishers which gender can keep you happier.

11. Who is pregnant?

We understand that this couple is celebrating their happiness to welcome their little one, but what’s the point of showing a belly just full of fat?

12. Embarrassing picture?

Well, why on earth would someone take such picture portraying all the odds of your body!

13. The leading woman!

We can clearly see who is leading this couple. The man is feeling secure after marrying this woman.

14. Who is HE? Who is SHE?

Only this couple know the secret. Let them decide!

15. The understanding couple!

You are lucky when you find someone to comment on others together.

16. Cannot-be-separated couple!

I wonder they must have ordered an ultra size “bra” for this picture.

17. Beauty and the beast? Or beauty on the beach?

Only an old, wealthy, and lucky one can find such beauty on the beach.

18. Freeing the birds? or catching them for good?

On weddings, couples free the birds to fly to sho w harmony. This couple seems like catching the birds forever. What are they trying to portray? And why are they happy while doing so?

19. A funny complimenting couple!

This couple wants to stay immature no matter what people think about them.

20. I’m watching you!

They don’t trust each other, if they would, they wouldn’t have had so many eyes on their face

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