20 ‘Who Wore It Better’ Photos

Fashion is all about self expression and there are so many different ways this can be done. Whether it be a

  • Dress,
  • Hairstyle,
  • Leggings.

There are countless options when it comes to wardrobe and looks. However, sometimes when people make a unique fashion choice, they can find themselves twinning with some very surprising opponents.

You’ve seen the ‘who wore it better’ section in magazines and on television, it’s always fun to compare and contrast when celebrities happen to be wearing the same outfit. But what happens when they happen to look like something else? Here are 20 celebs and some regular people who have accidentally worn the same thing as something surprising.

1. Plastic: I’m sure none of these people meant to twin with random objects, such as Miley Cyrus twinning with this 6-pack holder. Miley was probably going for a unique and edgy look, but the gaping holes and pompoms are way too similar to this plastic dolphin killer.

2. Fishnets: These blue fishnet-style pants actually look pretty good on Kylie Jenner! However, this sack of what appears to be hay seems to be pulling the same look. The beige coloring under Kylie’s blue pants match the sack of hay way too well.

3. Styrofoam: Who wore it best? This mother and daughter, or the cat? You wouldn’t think about it when you first glance at the dresses, but after seeing the cat it’s hard to not think that their dresses could be covered in Styrofoam as well.

4. Laundry Day: Whether this girl is off to the beach or a themed party—what’s clear is that she’s feeling her outfit. Unfortunately, the boxy white strips of her ‘dress’ are pretty close to that of a laundry basket. This one even has the same pop of pink. Who wore it better?

5. Phone Home: One of these guys is going to have to phone home to get a change of clothes because Lil Wayne and E.T are totally twinning. The white hood combined with the upward dazed stare makes the resemblance uncanny.

6. Baby: I know it’s a thing to wear your pants sagging, but there’s got to be a limit. Does Justin Bieber realize that his pants kind of look like a diaper in this shot? Specifically like this baby’s fancy diaper! Who do you think has the better look?

7. Shattered: Naked dresses and skirts have been a pretty popular trend lately. They usually feature a bodysuit or high-waisted underwear paired with a sheer skirt. Taraji P. Henson decided to go with a silvery high-waisted skirt but the accents in her dress kind of make her resemble a shattered iPhone.

8. Iconic Duo: It kind of looks like an epic rap battle is about to go down. Drake’s coat is the exact same shade as Kermit and both Nicki and Miss Piggy are rocking blonde locks. Who do you think would win?

9. High Fashion: I guess this is some runway type outfit that is only used for fashion shows, because realistically who would walk around wearing a hat in which they can’t see? The answer is always Lady Gaga, who’s way ahead of her time.

10. Duster: Remember those rainbow feather dusters that your parents used to have? These were before the days of the Swiffer WetJets. Does this furry dress not look exactly like it? Maybe that was the inspiration.

11. Cosplay: It kind of looks like this dude knows that he has some competition for his look. That, or he realized the tissue box matched his shirt and decided to take it a step further.

12. Strawberry: Maybe Bey is cosplaying as well? Her high-waisted red spotted skirt paired with a green spotted shirt makes her look pretty similar to those strawberry candies your grandma keeps in her purse. In my opinion, Beyoncé wore it better.

13. Grill Marks: Justin Bieber looks pretty stoked about his fur coat, however I don’t know if he realizes it kind of looks like he’s carrying a large slab of steak, or a grilled sandwich.

14. Barney: Do you think Jennifer Lawrence realized who she looked like when she put this outfit on? The colors of her outfit are so similar to that singing dinosaur. Who do you think pulled off that magenta and green combo better?

15. Sesame Street: More childhood favorites! I’m not at all saying that Mischa Barton is a monster who lives in a trash can, but the texture of her dress paired with the silver accents is making it hard to not include this one.

16. Burrito: Maybe it’s bad lighting but it really does look like Ivanka Trump’s dress is made out of tin foil. The way it’s parted at her shoulders really looks like this partially unfolded burrito.

17. Popsicle: Now this is just too close. This woman looks exactly like this frozen treat! From the red skirt, white under shirt, and colorful brown shirt—it almost seems like she did this on purpose.

18. Zebra: When you’re going for a patterned look, it’s good to be careful not to clash or you might end up like this girl who accidentally twinned with a Zebra. The black and white stripes on stripes were probably not the best idea.

19. Man bun: This was a huge trend beginning around 2013, and men with all lengths of hair began tying it up into little knots. This guys little pony tail is…getting there, but it kind of looks like the top of an onion at this point.

20. Traffic: Not exactly sure what this woman is dressed for but she could definitely stop traffic. The neon orange combined with strips of white make her look exactly like a pylon.

source: lifedaily. site

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