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13 Unexpected Facts About North Korea That You Had No Idea About!

The world is turning to be more and more interesting considering North Korea and its approach to life. However, we know little less about this nation. Even the Koreans may give completely contradictory accounts.

Here are some fascinating and nearly unknown facts about North Korea, which could assist us to perceive this nation and its individuals a little better.

Korea Is A Single Country

Korea is known as Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), and is assumed to be a single country in itself with the capital “Pyongyang”. If you look at the world map, it has been divided into two-North Korea and South Korea. But as per Koreans, they see their country as a united nation having a respective different status quo.

Americans Have Big Nose

It is a general perception of every Korean that all the Americans have a big nose and eyes with a hairy chest. They are being taught to kill an American soldier at sight, for this they have been given the training in schools with the help of cardboard mannequin looks like people with giant noses and widely-opened eyes.

North Korea is not communist.

It is a myth that Korean follows the doctrine of Marxism-Leninism, whereas the concept of communism has been dropped in Korea in 50’s only.

No Taxation

Korea is one country wherein there are no taxes to be paid by citizens. The concept of taxations has been completely abolished in 1974 with the exception of those organizations that are making business outside the country.

Hollywood Movies

Koreans loves to watch the Hollywood movies without having the knowledge as to where the movie has been shot. After all, it’s not only Americans who have the huge eyes and big nose.

Kimilsungia and Kimjongilia

These two are the beautiful flowers and neither of them belongs to North Korea. But, then also annual exhibitions of Kimilsungias and Kimjongilias have been done for which every participating family tries to grow the best flower.

Biggest Seafood Exporter

China is Korea’s biggest trading partner; fish and other seafood is the most common item that is traded from Korea all over the world. Apart from seafood, monuments is another item that Korea exports.

Kim Jong-Un- the Leader

Kim Jong-un bears the title of the Supreme Leader of the DPRK who is a Supreme Commander of the Army as well as a Chairman of the Workers’ Party, but he does not hold the presidential status.

The Arirang Show

The Arirang is the show conducted in Korea wherein almost 1, 00,000 people take apart, which is 0.4% of the total Korean population. It has also been listed in Guinness world records book.

Kijong Dong village

Kijong-dong is a village sited at the border of South Korea built in order to show the southern neighbors all the privilege of living in the North. The houses in this village are nothing but empty boxes with no floors, ceilings, or inner walls.

Loudspeaker hosted

A loudspeaker has been hosted in the village Kijong Dong in order to show the delight of living in North Korea. They use to broadcast the military marches for 20 hours a day at the full volume.

Infant Names

In North Korea, it is forbidden to give children the name borne by their Leader. If a child had been named like this before his accession, the parents must urgently change the name.

Military Includes Both Genders

North Korea has a lengthiest military service in the world. All the males over the age of 18 years have to serve army for 10 years. In 2015, women also started to be conscripted comparatively for a shorter term.

These shocking facts about North Korea help us a lot to have a better understanding. It is a small and belligerent nation with the capability to cause real harm to the countries around it, even the United States.