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22 Pictures That Will Make You Uncomfortable

Pictures are supposed to say a thousand words but sometimes pictures can just emit an emotion which says a lot more. Toe curling, palms getting sweaty and just a sort of backing away from the computer screen is the kind of emotion that I am talking about here. Uncomfortable situations are things we generally want to stay out of. That awkward silence or that glance-over-the-back-and-see-the-person-you-were-just-talking-about-standing-there kind of awkwardness are examples of moments we try to stay away from.

But from piercing your toenail to incorrectly eating your snacks, these images are sure to make your toes curl.

Here are 24 images that are sure to make you feel uncomfortable.

Unless it is milk, chocolate milk or a bowl of cereal, this is a complete abomination of the sanctity of a chocolate chip cookie. These delicious treats are supposed to be treated with care (and milk!). And let’s be honest here, the best part about dipping your cookies in your cereal was the milk after!

Now there is an obvious joke here. Where does that guy’s wrist start?!

This year for Thanksgiving is a creepy turkey. The face stuffed against the sheet as well as the outstretched limbs begging for mercy just makes this look that much eerier.


This could seriously be a villain or some horrifying entity in a horror flick. The whites of the eyeballs as well as what is left of her nose just makes this a sight to behold.

We all have an innate fear of something burrowing under our skin. Whether it’s a weird insect or some larvae, no one wants to see something moving underneath their skin.

No more need of a back scratcher with a set of nails like that! To be honest, this picture has to be quite antiquated since no one would have nails like that nowadays. How would you text?!

This one doesn’t seem so cringe worthy. My only question is: is she putting a ring on his pinky toe? Or just pinching his nail?

This one gets me kind of jittery. Did he hop out of the shower and arrange that himself? Or did someone wet that portion of his leg and do that design for him? And why am I assuming that this leg has to belong to a man?

This one requires a decent amount of flexibility. How are her legs contorted in such a way? And how is that even remotely comfortable?

This one is not so much uncomfortable as it is just disgusting. What if your grandparents mistook that for a pair of dentures?

This one is kind of funny. A lady, or a man with a worm head dressed in what seems to be a spaghetti strap top or dress.

The cooking directions might go something like this: after you have ground up your meat, take the minced meat and mold it to the side of your hand. Proceed to find a third party who can photograph this essential part for you.

I’m glad April Fools’ has passed because I would not want to be the person touching that door handle.

Whether that’s ham, some weird salmon or just some pink plastic, that is super creepy. The long nails and the missing thumb don’t help.

This one doesn’t even need a caption. Ok, ok, the long random wisps of hair attached to a block of cheese is probably the weirdest image on this list. There goes a perfectly good piece of cheddar!

I feel like these are getting worse and worse. There is zero functionality in a pair of slippers composed of dead fish. And who’s wearing these? Big Foot?

Umm…what kind and type of hair did they get to form this high heel is beyond me. And the fact that it is skin color doesn’t make it any more appealing to wear, purchase or even to look at.

I really hope this is a clip on because that looks really uncomfortable. This literally made my toes curl, whether it is due to the sight of an uncomfortable image, or because it is related to a toe is beyond me.

What’s with these weird high heels? Is that even a shoe? Is she a mutant? Is that a deformity? So many questions…

I don’t know if I should be disgusted or offended by this picture…

There was something in prehistoric times called the buzzsaw shark where the giant predator had a set of teeth in the shape of a buzz saw. I guess this individual is giving a shout out to that prehistoric beast.

If a thumbs-up means a good job, then what does a giant thumbs-up mean? Excellent job?


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