24 Weddings That Became Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

Marriage is something that is supposed to last a lifetime for the newlyweds but depending on the reception, it can be a lifelong memory for the partygoers as well.

Getting an invite to a wedding is a glorious thing. To know that you were one of a select few that were invited to this ceremony has to be a unique and serene feeling. But then you think about all the gifts that you are going to have to buy, the nonexistent date that you are going to have to find, and the perfect outfit that still makes you look gorgeous without upstaging the bride.

But then there are the pros; being part of a special ceremony between two people, the open bar, and the dance floor. So with all things considered, going to a wedding ceremony should be a fun time. But here are 24 weddings that didn’t go quite as planned. We went on to Reddit to find some of the most memorable weddings but for all the wrong reasons. Read on to get a good laugh at some of these upcoming pictures.

You almost know you have found ‘the one’ when she is sitting in her wedding dress outside of the chapel refusing to hand over the bottle of champagne that was supposed to be for table #13. Kudos to the photographer for capturing this perfectly timed photo.


How can you forget a wedding when the whole party falls into a pond? You’d think it’d be a ‘cute idea’ to take a photo on a bridge, but I guess no one took the time to check the weight limit for such an activity.


Most people want a unique and special wedding these days. Simply getting ordained in a church or under a cathedral just isn’t enough anymore. And it seems like this groom learned that the hard way since he got bit by a rattlesnake.


I wonder if this person was part of the groomsmen and decided to just strip down for this one particular photo or if he is a completely random person who just stumbled onto the beach and later into this photo.

As mentioned earlier, going to a wedding can be a head-scratching event since sometimes you just can’t decide on what to wear. I’m sure this woman wish she took just a little bit longer since her dress matches the tablecloth.

Everyone wants romantic pictures on their wedding day. I mean, you need to commemorate it somehow right? But maybe on a rock on the beach during high tide wasn’t such a good idea. Especially when the tux and the dress were rentals…

When you go outside to look for the Port-A-Potty but you’ve been at the bar one too many times to actually look for it. So you go behind the tent hoping that no one sees you but little do you know, the fabric of the tent is pretty much see through.

Apparently, this woman was JUST about to get married when she was notified that a huge earthquake had occurred. So her first instinct was to rush to the site and to perform her journalistic duties.

When you have something blue and something borrowed, but this little girl demands that you have something green and sticky as well. And you know she is just a little savage when she stares directly into the camera as she’s picking her nose.

It’s probably just been 30 minutes into their marriage and already he’s checking out other girls. At least don’t do it on camera where she can later find out! And I wonder if this was where the ‘boyfriend checking out another girl’ meme was born.

We tend to get a bit excited at what’s to come at a wedding. Maybe it’s the dancing, maybe it’s the chance to see some long lost friends, or maybe it’s the food. But in this case, it’s probably NOT the food since they are serving ‘horse ovaries.’

More and more often do we see mixed couples nowadays. And this is probably for the better since there is only one race on this earth: the human race. And it seems like these two in-laws aren’t so different after all.

Just like I spoke about earlier, going to a wedding sometimes involves bringing a date. And sometimes, you can have just as much fun, if not more, by going to a wedding by yourself. And this lady proves just that!

Apparently, the girl in the white insisted on being in the middle of the two guys. When the males confronted the photographer about this dilemma, the photographer simply told the guys not to worry about it, and photoshopped her out of the image altogether later.

When you have a lavish outdoor wedding and invite multiple celebrities to your wedding but it just isn’t enough. So you step up the guest list and invite an all-white Batman to the event.

These are the facial expressions of a group of people who are witnessing a fall in progress. Apparently, this photographer was about to snap a picture of the wedding party but he didn’t realize there was a box right behind him.

If animals are regarded as part of the family then surely this cat should be in some of the wedding photos. Despite no specific camera time, this cat worked its own magic to get its (literal) behind on camera.

In a (nowadays) gender neutral or gender fluid society, flower girls are no more. There can be flower boys, flower men or just flower people. And it seems like this guy takes pride in his duty as he bombards fellow wedding-goers with flower petals.

I guess this is how you do a wedding toast nowadays. Who needs a glass or a cup when you can have your two cousins flip you over as your newlywed husband helps you chug down beer out of a keg.

It’s not every day that you get to see a centaur and it’s certainly the case that you don’t get to see a man marry a centaur every day. I guess that in and of itself makes this pretty memorable.

The honesty displayed on this sign is just too real. It’s basically telling you to have fun, but if you do stupid things during my wedding prepare to get mocked. That’s the type of attitude that I like!

Apparently, this gentleman was at a wedding and this swan just wouldn’t stop staring at him from outside. Maybe it was the shirt he was wearing or the food he was eating? Regardless, the swan wasn’t having any of it.

When you get married just so that you can take selfies with the other person for the rest of your life. Or just so that you can use hashtags on your selfies such as ‘#marriedlife’ or ‘#couple.’ When social media is the main reason why you got married.

You can’t go wrong with trusting the advice on the inside of your jacket. I mean they do call it ‘liquid courage’ for a reason. And does the whiskey induce the worm or does the thought of doing the worm induce whiskey drinking?

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