25+ Pictures That Show The Unique Culture Of Japan

The island nation in the Pacific Ocean with dense cities and imperial palaces has a unique culture. With nearly 127 million people in 2015, Japan’s population enjoys the highest life expectancy and the third lowest infant mortality in the world. If you are the lover of skyscrapers and busy streets, it might just be the place for you. But, be warned, there is something a bit peculiar about this country. Actually, a lot of peculiar stuff, to be honest. And it’s a normal part of the way these people live.

Here are 28 ingenious ways to show Japanese culture and their interesting rituals:

1. Sumo wrestlers are supposed to make babies cry during a competition

2. Mannequins are so cool in Japan!

3. There are actual superheroes helping mothers who struggle with their baby’s strollers

4. This is Japanese Halloween, and it’s totally unique!

5. These capsule hotels will ask $50 for a night

6. Love hotels that you can rent hourly

7. Robot dinosaurs receptionists are pretty normal in Japan

8. Drunk salarymen just getting tired of everything

9. You can also see deer in the city center

10. There are public foot spas for dogs!

11. These kinds of spa treatments

12. The moisturizing slug spa

13. Pillows for lonely businessmen

14. Cicadas hairstyles

Can you actually believe this exists?

15. Kit Kat has never had such a variety

16. The Kit Kat crushed pizza with marshmallows!

17. A square watermelon

18. KFC Christmas dinner

19. KFC chicken nuggets looking all sexy

20. A lot of vending machines. Everywhere!

21. This is what you can find in them

22. These types of beer also

23. Bananas, too.

24. The sophisticated toilets

25. SO many rabbits!

26. And this crazy creature

27. The crazy game shows

28. A TV star chased by a Komodo dragon

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