2O+ Old Wives’ Tale Cleaning Hacks Grandma Forgot to Tell You About

Here are a few home cleaning tips that have been passed down from generation to generation and a couple that grandma completely forgot to tell you about!

Below, you will find 27 cleaning hacks that will change your life forever and I can not wait to share them with you!

If you want to be inspired to clean your home in new and innovative ways keep scrolling below!

1. Wrap a paper towel around your oil containers to keep them free from grease and drips.

Um, why did I not think of this? This is brilliant and a super easy way to prevent oily messes!

2. Easily clean your coffee grinder with uncooked, white rice.

Simply take a handful of uncooked rice and run it through your coffee grinder and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth or paper towel.

3. Spray your freezer with cooking spray.

To prevent frost and ice build up in your freezer, spray the insides with cooking spray.

4. Use plain white toothpaste to clean your wedding rings.

Apply white toothpaste to the diamond of your wedding rings to make them sparkle like never before.

5. Get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar and sugar…

If you have these annoying pesks in your kitchen, simply fill a bowl with apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of sugar. Cover with cling wrap and poke holes in it. Your fruit fly problem should be gone within a few hours!

6. Use olive oil to condition leather furniture.

If your leather couch is spotty and dried out, try rubbing extra virgin olive oil on it to help condition it and bring it back to a shiny luster.

7. Use Lemon Pledge on your shower doors.

Spray your shower doors with lemon Pledge to keep your shower doors clean and prevent water stains and soap scum buildup.

8. Use cut grapefruit sprinkled with salt to remove bathtub rings.

Cut a grapefruit in half, sprinkle with salt and use it to scrub away those nasty bathtub rings. This is an excellent way to clean your tub chemical free!

9. Use melted crayon to hide deep scratches in wood floors.

Scrub a similar colored crayon over the hardwood floor scratch and use a hair blow dryer to soften the wax. Wait 1 minute before buffing the area with a microfiber cloth.

10. Run your hot clothing iron over aluminum foil sprinkled with salt to clean it.

To clean your iron effortlessly, sprinkle salt over a piece of aluminum foil. Turn your iron on to the hottest setting without steam. Run your iron over the salt for a few seconds to remove the dirt and grime.

11. Use a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and place inside the filter compartment of your vacuum.

Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and place in the filter compartment of your vacuum to leave a lasting scent throughout your home when cleaning.

12. Use newspaper in the refrigerator to absorb smells…

Line your refrigerator shelves and bins with old newspaper to absorb smells.

…or you can use a small bowl of activated charcoal.

A small bowl or bag of activated charcoal placed in the back of the fridge will remove bad smells almost instantly.

13. Use Alka-Seltzer tablets to unclog your sink and shower drains.

The citric acid in Alka Seltzer tablets help to loose grime in your drains with little effort.

14. Clean smelly jars and containers with mustard.

Cool kitchen hack! If you want to reuse certain jars and containers but they have a lingering smell, simply drop a spoonful of mustard and water in it. Shake up the container and rinse. The smell should instantly disappear!

15. Get rid of odors in your closet with a onion.

Cut an onion in half and place in a small bowl. Place anywhere in the home overnight where you would like to remove bad smells. This works especially well for stinky shoes.

Or use bundled chalk to get rid of musty odors.

You can hang a bundle of chalk in your closet to get rid of musty odors and dehumidify your closet.

16. Rub your lightbulbs with vanilla extract or your favorite perfume.

While your light bulbs are cool rub them with vanilla extract or your favorite perfume, when you turn on the lights the smell will warm and fill the room.

17. Use white flour to clean up spills in the kitchen.

If you spill liquids on your kitchen floor, don’t fret! Cover the area with flour and allow flour to soak up spill then sweep up everything with little effort.

18. Use mouthwash to clean your toilet.

If you are not a huge fan of chemical smells, opt to use Listerine mouthwash to clean your toilet and around the home.

19. Repurpose used coffee grounds or leftover eggshells to scrub pots and pans.

Coffee grounds and eggshells are naturally abrasive and works wonders to clean dirty pots and pans.

20. Clean copper with ketchup, fresh lemon or pickle juice.

21. Soak your sponges or mops in salty water overnight.

Keep your sponges clean and bacteria free by leaving them in a container of warm, salty water overnight.

22. Soak oven racks in the bathtub with dryer sheets overnight.

Fill your tub with hot water and about 5-8 dryer sheets. Allow your oven racks to soak overnight and in the morning simply wipe them clean. No scrubbing required!

23. Polish wood furniture with beer.

Mix together a quart of beer, 1 tablespoon of sugar and 2 tablespoons of beeswax. Pour in a small pot and bring to a boil. Allow mixture to cool before applying to furniture. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes and buff away with a soft microfiber cloth.

24. Clean windows and mirrors with black tea.

Brew 3 black teabags to 2 cups of water. Allow to cool before spraying mirrors and glass with mixture. The tannic acid will dissolve dirt and make your windows sparkle.

25. Use a yardstick to clean hard to reach places.

No need to pull out the ladder or stepping stool for this cleaning hack. Simply use a yardstickwrapped with a sock or cloth to clean the tops of your fridge, cupboards or ceilings.

26. Add a lemon peel to your dishwasher.

Dishwasher hack! If a recipe calls for a lemon, save the rind. When it’s time to do the dishes, throw the lemon in the dishwasher and your dishes will come out sparkling and smelling heavenly!

27. Clean your faucets with wax paper.

Source: oflifeandlisa.com

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