These Are 40 Of Life’s Oh Shit Moments Ever To Be Captured On Camera

Life’s beautiful but it’s not always easy, it has it’s Oh Shit moments, it is like a two-sided coin with happiness, sorrow, victory, and defeat. Similarly, life’s filled with moments of absolute joy, pleasure, success, and comfort punctuated by misery, defeat, failures, and problems.

There is not one single person on this planet whether rich, strong, wise or powerful who hasn’t experienced struggle, failure or suffering. Unfortunately, in this article, many of the Oh Shit moments apparently that got captured, have turned out to be simply hilarious, awkward and embarrassing.

Individuals say life’s not a luxurious situation, there are many high points and low points, obstacles and difficulties, which one needs to experience. In this current life’s voyage when and from where things will be tossed, you will never know. It’s exceptionally erratic when you can fall, slip, conflict or get assaulted. These days with everybody owning a portable, any of these Oh Shit minutes can get caught on camera by anybody from anyplace.

1. Life’s path is exactly like this car bogged down in the mud.

2. One of those Oh Shit moments you confront early in the morning when you go for a wash.

3. This is called the monkey business.

4. Hell of a fire twister captured live.

5. When airplanes get into the mood to hug one another.

6. Who do you think will win this fight?

7. This mother captured the image with great delight, rather than finding it an Oh Shit moment.

8. Overtaking is usually done from the right. Who tried to overtake who?

9. Only an insane man can make a woman go so wild.

10. This will surely be one of her life’s best moments.

11. One is a product sample, the other was a demo and the third was delivered to Japan.

12. This guy’s definitely sitting there and murmuring (Oh Shit)

13. He wants to be the next candidate for their political party.

14. Hi! I was just passing by. What’s the menu for today?

15. This is what you call breaking all life’s barriers.

16. Oh Shit, it’s heading straight for us.

17. Wonder what the next captured image of this moment would be like?

18. My way, Highway or Upway.

19. This is a serial traffic congestion.

20. Well, my son missed the heart. Fortunately or Unfortunately?

21. A shameless backside selfie captured.

22. You may miss, but the ball will never miss.

23. Run Baby Run!

24. This is exactly how life’s problems come splashing on you.

25. Don’t worry. This is just one of those Mad Max action choreography.

26. I am fed up with you riding me.

27. Life here we come!

28. Oh Shit! Saved in the nick of time.

29. When somebody pounces on you, there’s no escape.

30. When the hunter becomes the hunted.

31. One is too many and a thousand never enough.

32. When that comes in your hand, there are no other words besides saying Oh Shit.

33. This is a lesson for everyone, never go from behind.

34. Another life’s lesson, never instigate anyone from the front.

35. It doesn’t matter if you’re black or white… the only color that really matters is green.

36. Do these people really know what’s in store for them?

37. This is not only the mother, but an entire family of lightnings.

38. Peek-A-Boo moments! Wrong! It’s a peek-a-poo moment.

39. Oops! It’s not the fall that kills you, but the ones that live there.

40. Yeah! Let’s play a little hide and seek.



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