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Benefits Of Pregnancy Sex

Just because you’ve got a bun in the oven doesn’t mean you can’t engage in the horizontal hula every now and then. In fact, you actually ought to make it a priority to — seriously, science says so! Sex during pregnancy is not only good for you, but the baby as well. From boosting your immunity to bigger, better orgasms (that are easier to achieve!), there are a slew of perks that come along with having sex while pregnant. Not to mention, the benefits aren’t only physical — they’re emotional, too! Curious? Below, we highlight the amazing reasons why having pregnant sex is good for you and your little one!

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Easier labor and recovery. Yes, that’s right: Having an orgasm dramatically increases the contractions in your pelvic floor, helping to strengthen the muscles you’ll need for not only labor, but after delivery. Amazing!

Easier labor and recovery. “Once you’ve pushed your baby through those muscles, they’ll have an easier time strengthening up,” Jeanne Faulkner, a registered nurse in Portland, Oregon and author of “Common Sense Pregnancy: Navigating a Healthy Pregnancy and Birth for Mother and Baby,” told Fox News. Pro tip: Engage in some kegels during pregnancy sex to pump up those muscles even more!

Less restroom breaks. Every expecting mother feels like she always has to pee. The good news? Sex can help! Turns out, that the same muscles that you’ll be strengthening for childbirth can also help the flow of urine, meaning that your chances of leaking when you sneeze or laugh will undoubtedly decrease. Yes, please.

Better, bigger orgasms. It’s no secret that many pregnant women experience better, bigger orgasms during pregnancy than when they didn’t have a bun in the oven. Here’s why: Pregnancy increases the production of two hormones in the body — namely, estrogen and progesterone. And with increased estrogen in the body there is more flow of blood down below which in turn makes a woman more aroused.

Better, bigger orgasms. Not to mention, increased blood flow also makes the nipples grow large and the nerve-endings way, way more sensitive. With such increased sensitivity up top and down below, women are able to achieve more intense and longer-lasting orgasms easier than ever before!

Prevents complications. Fox News reports that a Danish study found that frequent sex may actually help prevent pre-eclampsia. “Researchers believe it’s because of a protein found in sperm that can regulate the body’s immune system,” Fox News’ Julie Revelant said. “Yet because the cause of preeclampsia is unknown, it’s important to keep your prenatal visits and talk to your doctor about your risk.”

Lowered blood pressure. Time and time again, sex has been found to lower blood pressure. This, of course, is a good thing for not only you, but your tot as well, as high blood pressure has been linked to pre-eclampsia. Nonetheless, don’t just count on gettin’ busy to keep your blood pressure healthy — it’s incredibly important to work with your doctor one-one-one on ways to prevent or control your blood pressure.

Stress reduction. Generally, pregnancy is a happy time for most — if not everyone — involved. Still, it’s normal to get worked up about things like your relationship with your partner, finances and how drastically life will change after childbirth. However, sex works as a wonderful stress reducer.


Stress reduction. Oxytocin, the love hormone that your body releases when you climax, can help to negate some of that stress and anxiety you might be experiencing during those nine very hectic, yet precious months. Plus, orgasms release endorphins, which make both you and the baby happier.

Improves sleep. Everyone — not just expecting mothers — wants better zzz’s, and sex is a fun, feel-good way to do that. “After orgasm, the hormone prolactin is released, which is responsible for the feelings of relaxation and sleepiness,” psychiatrist Sheenie Ambardar, MD, told WebMD. In other words, sex relaxes you, and feeling relaxed makes you sleepy. Voila!

Boosts self-esteem. Loads of pregnant women claim that because of all the changes that happen during pregnancy, they start to feel that their body is no longer their own. Engaging in some steamy action with your partner every now and then is a hot, healthy way to restore body confidence and positive feelings about yourself.

Boosts self-esteem. “For a lot of women, it’s a time in life where [sex] is a really important part of who they are, their relationship and how they feel,” Faulkner told Fox News. Plus, it feels amazing!

Improves connection. Not only does pregnancy sex boost self-esteem, however — it also improves the intimate relationship and bond you have with your child’s father. “It’s important to connect with your partner now while you have time because you’re going to need that connection once the baby is born,” Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of “Getting the Sex You Want,” explained to Fox.

Strengthens immunity. Sex is also great for your immunity system, as frequent intercourse triggers the body’s natural defenses in a number of positive ways (many of which we’ve highlighted on this very list). Of course, diet and lifestyle also play a role in one’s immunity, so don’t throw those out the window just yet.

Strengthens immunity. Wondering how sex strengthens your immunity? Knockin’ boots increase levels of lgA antibodies in the body that boost immune function, preventing you from getting a pesky cold or flu during those nine very, very special months.

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