Date This Gorgeous Girl Who Calls Her Ex Only 120 Times A Day

Every guy needs a hot girl to date these days. Meet Nicole Peri, the Crazy Ex-Girlfriend of Timothy Harris. Harris sued her for harassing him.

Peria was accused of continuously poking her Ex. She was sentenced to 1-year probation, two days of unpaid community service and 20 days of rehab. Now you decide will you date this hot girl?

Crazy Girlfriend calls 120 times a day

According to the statement made by Harris, he receives over 300 missed calls made from personal numbers. He never picks any call. Once he was at the gym and was shocked to see 120 missed call notification.

Nonstop texting

He ignored all messages sent by Nicole. Harris thought she would stop sending messages. But, Nicole proved she is a real crazy girl and continued sending messages.

Nicole misses Harry every second

She clicked pictures every time and sent them to Harry. But, nothing worked.

She kept waiting for reply

Messages after messages. Harry was extremely pissed and he inquired as to whether they have prepared to date her.

Continuous workout for Harry

Nicole believes in being fit, just for her Ex. She keeps clicking pictures after the intense workout sessions.

Even uploaded Snapchat posts on Instagram

When Harry never replied. Nicole decided to upload her pics to Instagram.

Will you date Nicole?

She calls her Ex-120 times in a day. Who’s a crazy Romeo out there for this bombshell?

Chilled Sunday! But, no love.

She only had one thing going on in her mind. How to make Harry fall in love again?

Drinks dedicated to Harry

When Nicole never got a reply from Harry. She even offered him drinks via picture messaging.

No doubts, she’s beautiful

Nicole truly looks hot. On the off chance that you need to date her, please proceed. Reach her on Instagram “Nicoleprincessperi”.

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