How dogs get older: A fascinating and deeply touching photography project

Amanda Jones has committed the previous 20 years to an extraordinary photography venture which expects to demonstrate exactly how short lived the lives of our adored pets are. We’ve all had that odd inclination that an energetic puppy appears to transform into a completely developed, insightful old canine over night. Some of them scarcely change by any means, others start to hint at some age. Puppies specifically age quicker than us, obviously, and maybe that is the reason the accompanying photographs are somewhat tragic and in addition sweet. In any case, we can simply breathe easy because of the information that, however old they are, the delight we get from that bond with our closest companion never reduces.

Corbet — 2 years and 11 years


© Dog Years

Briscoe — 1 year and 10 years


© Dog Years

Poppy — 1 year and 7 years


© Dog Years

Fred — 2 years and 10 years


© Dog Years

Cooper — 3 years and 10 years


© Dog Years

Kayden and Brodie — 11 months and 5 years; 7 years and 12 years


© Dog Years

Audrey — 3 years and 12 years


© Dog Years

Rufus — 6 months and 13 years


© Dog Years

Sydney and Savannah — 16 months and 5 months; 10 and 9 years


© Dog Years

Maddy — 5 years and 10 years


© Dog Years

Abigale — 5 months and 8 years


© Dog Years

Lily — 8 months and 15 years


© Dog Years

Maddie and Ellie — 7 and 6 years; 14 and 13 years


© Dog Years

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