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Female Soldier Dubbed the Sexiest in the Israeli Army after Her Racy Photos Went Viral Online

She is definitely in another level of badass!

You’ve probably come across pictures of really hot Israeli female soldiers on the internet by now. Beautiful and sexy photos of female Israeli soldiers just set the internet on fire—and after looking at their photos, you’ll definitely understand why.

What some people don’t know is that all Jewish Israeli citizens are required to complete national service at the age of 18—including girls, who must serve a minimum of two years in the armed forces. Yes, even girls go to the army.

But although they have to deal with heavy weaponry and gruelling training, the girls are not afraid to show off their fun, playful side, posting sexy snaps of them sunning themselves in bikinis or posing in their underwear—and the internet surely loves it! But one soldier has been drawing more attention because of her racy photos online.

Meet Israeli soldier Kim Mellibovsky. Mellibovsky is dubbed to be the hottest among dozens of the famed supermodel soldiers. She doesn’t back down when posting photos of herself in bikinis and tight uniforms, because well, she looks stunning.



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