Find out Which Zodiac Matches Make the Best Couples?

Zodiac signs and astrology may reflect to a large extent accurately the personal strengths and weaknesses of an individual. Even the most skeptical of person may to some level relate with their personal traits no matter how much they may be averse to the idea.

Similarly how the sun signs interact with each other can be explained by astrology. The zodiac signs which have the best synergy together as far as romantic relationship is concerned are discussed below.


Leo is known for their fierce pride and they are really drawn to confidence, something Libra is renowned for in their personalities. Anyone who will stand up to Leo and will not be afraid to speak their mind in a calm and unhindered manner is a potential candidate. As they say opposites attract and the fierce nature of Leo is well balanced with the harmonious take on things by Libra. They both form a deep understanding of each other as both display a balanced romance of unbound energy brought by Leo and just the right level of calm brought by Libra to keep things on an even keel.


As we have already established Libra as someone who strongly associate with peaceful environs and bring certain stability in the relationship. Now Gemini almost share the same sense of serenity as Libra and this sharing of views combined with Gemini’s knack for communicating their ideas make for a lot of intellectual exchange. They will stimulate each other mentally and will find it very easy to keep drawing the same conclusion promoting peace and harmony in their relationship. Gemini would not be given much opportunity to drag on a long debate which they normally like to, as Libra will always prefer not to let things spiral out of control by not arguing at all. Both share the same elemental Air sign.

Aquarius – ARIES

Aries and Aquarius are characterized by both stressful and exciting relationship level since both have a lot of energy to follow one another. Both the signs go well together and they naturally support each other well due to compatibility which they easily find. What makes this couple a source of envy for others is the fact that Aquarius’s vision and Aries determination make them achieve objectives very easily. They are not afraid to take the path less travelled since both thrive on creativity and trying out new things which other couples may not be able to commit to. In simple words things are always electric between the two.


This is a classic example of opposites attract as Aries is the charming and brave one while Cancer is the one who likes to be inspired and emotionally very sensitive. Aries might be standoffish, with a cold and hard exterior but Cancers might help them learn a thing or two about compassion. Similarly Aries will aid Cancer to find their strength within and become more independent. Both will bring strength to the shortcoming of others and make each other rediscover themselves in a way that will lead to improving and refining their personalities.


On the face value one might not really fathom how an Aries and Pisces can come together but when we are talking about romance it is a perfect match. Pisces is really impulsive and always want to live in the moment without a second thought to consequences. Aries is someone who is determined in their outlook on life and once they set their eyes on an objective they will not rest until achieving it. Both have one thing in common and that is enjoying their present to the maximum with no worries at all about the fallout of their actions. The problem with this Fire and Water sign is too much spontaneity which does not bring that much needed stability in the relationship.


Both are emotionally very sensitive which means they will be always very caring and loving towards each other. Both are Water signs and share similar intuitiveness in terms of romantic bonding. Both the signs are aware of each other’s sensitivity towards romantic relations and always careful to repay the love of the other immediately lest they seem too stingy or selfish. The spontaneous nature of Pisces and the ever-nurturing attitude of Cancer make for an everlasting bond of affection.


Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and when they combine together in a relationship there will hardly be a dull moment between them. Both sun signs are spontaneous and very dynamic and look forward to enjoying life to the maximum level. They bring an infectious energy to the relationship which is hard to be overlooked and will draw others to them. Leo like bold and adventurous individual and Sagittarius perfectly fit the bill and when they come together it is just like a match made for each other.


Capricorn and Taurus is a very agreeable match as both share similar outlook when it comes to living life. They are both very logical and sensible and this is a strength as well as a weakness. Strength because they will bring that much needed stability in the relationship and weakness because they do not know when and how to relax. As both are so serious in their day to day activities someone need to step back and enjoy little things in life.


Gemini and Aquarius share a wonderful mind stimulating relationship together. As Gemini is always looking to discuss new ideas and Aquarius being a visionary is never out of them. They perfectly complement each other and maintaining a strong romantic balance in the relationship comes naturally to them. Both sun signs are well aware of each other’s needs and know how to thrive together by cherishing concepts like personal space. The bonds they share are beyond the artificial need to have physical closeness as it is more about mental stimulation


Scorpio and Leo when together in a relationship are an epitome of intense union. They perfectly fulfill each other’s needs as Scorpio is someone who knows how to express themselves clearly and unequivocally. Leo is someone who needs to be constantly complimented and adored. Scorpio people are that passionate to express themselves in a very clear manner and Leo knows how to repay that loyalty in equal measure. Both signs are very possessive of each other.


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