20+ Funny Things Observed While Looking At The Background Of Photos

Have you ever taken a picture and then when you look at it afterwards, the background is the best part?

That’s what happened to all of these photos.

They were intended to capture a moment and yet, it captured so much more.

When you take a look at what’s going on behind the photogenic face, you’ll notice something that probably should’ve been kept out of focus.

See for yourself:

1. A dance move gone horribly wrong.

2. Selfie this!

3. A little dirty dancing going on back there!

4. There are two smiles in this photo.

5. Doesn’t look so delicious now

6. He wants to take something home to remember this.

7. We’re not sure what he’s trying to do here.

8. Reaching for something . . .

9. He didn’t see this coming.

10. Nice pants! Or no-pants!

11. This person couldn’t handle the night out.

12. Oops! This ruined the shot.

13. Why so sad Nobody will every know.

14. The photo-bomber.

15. Get a closer look at them!

16. He’s not sure if he made the shot.

17. The dog just couldn’t wait.

18. Always someone picking their nose.

19. Not part of the gang.

20. Making an adjustment.

21. The last photo of this kid without stitches.

22. Did he really do that?

23. Lots of animal love going on back there!

24. Grabbing the wrong one. Or, the right one!

25. This is tacky and it happens all the time.

26. Just seeing if she’s ready for the wedding.

27. Love is in the air and it’s everywhere!

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