The Hottest Celebrity Crushes In Their Heyday And Now

Isn’t it always fun to look at old photos and see how far we’ve come and how different we are now? Sometimes we take the dust off those old photo albums just for the sake of laughing at ourselves and others. Celebrities? Their physical appearance and style changes over the years, for the better, or for worse.

So we chose to make a colossal return and think about old and new photographs of a portion of the greatest big name pulverizes from the 2000s. How about we investigate Zac Efron, Milo Ventimiglia, Orlando Bloom, Emma Watson, Mischa Barton and a couple of different famous people who used to be the best heartthrobs of this century, and perceive how they’ve changed throughout the years.

Scroll down and prepare to be left with an open mouth. The gallery is from msn.

Check out Zac Efron in 2004 and 2017.

Now that’s a change. From everyone’s favorite High School Musical boy, look how far he’s come. A certain change of style is apparent, too.

Beyonce (2000 – 2017)

17 years, and she looks like she hasn’t changed one bit. Way to go, Queen Bey!

Emma Watson (2005 – 2017)

Can you see how much she has grown since filming Harry Potter? Emma has certainly become a real-life Belle.

Chris Hemsworth (2005 – 2017)

Ok, now, let’s face it, the beard plays a major role here.

Channing Tatum (2003, 2017)

Since his appearance in Step Up 2, Channing has landed several roles that show how great of a dancer he is.

Britney Spears (2000 – 2017)

Oh, let’s just say we are proud of Britney’s comeback to the music industry after so many downfalls.

Angelina Jolie (2000, 2017)

She only looks better and better every year. From being a rebellious teenager, to becoming a mom of 6, Angelina’s style has changed a lot during the years.

Ryan Gosling (2001, 2017)

Remember this guy in the Notebook? Well try to compare him through his latest movie Blade Runner.

Rihanna (2005 – 2017)

Now this girl from Barbados is a real example of what fame does to you. Her style has definitely changed 100%!

Kate Winslet (2002 – 2017)

She doesn’t really seem to age, does she?

Cameron Diaz (2002, 2017)

This Charlie’s angel hasn’t changed tremendously over the years.

Jennifer Lopez (2000, 2017)

I believe she only got hotter and prettier over the years. She still owns that signature butt and toned abs, though.

Enrique Iglesias (2000, 2017)

Again, the beard. However, his songs are still major hits everywhere.

Mila Kunis (2000, 2017)

This innocent Ukranian girl just blossomed into a beautiful mature woman over the years.

Natalie Portman (2002, 2017)

This is an example of how sometimes age does nothing to your physical appearance. Let’s “blame it” on the genes, shall we?

Taylor Lautner (2006, 2017)

The Twilight direwolf has certainly matured over the years.

Scarlett Johansson (2001 – 2017)

The girl with mesmerizing eyes and iconic full lips has changed a lot over the years.

Megan Fox (2005, 2017)

After admitting she had several plastic surgeries, it is no surprise that Megan Fox looks like this today.

Elisha Cuthbert (2001, 2017)

She truly was one of the biggest celebrity crushes in the early 2000s.

Miley Cyrus (2006 – 2017)

Every teenager’s biggest role model, Hannah Montana, has grown into a woman with defined style and principles.

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