Justin Bieber Has Now Covered His Entire Torso With A Giant Tattoo & Fans Aren’t Happy

The decision to get a sizeable tattoo is not one which should be taken lightly. We are constantly changing throughout our lives, and something which may mean the world to us at 23 could become a bitter regret by the time we are 30.Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. I have a large tattoo on my ribcage, and I’ve wanted to get rid of it for the past year. The process will not only be excruciatingly painful, but expensive. Thankfully, however, it’s possible because it’s only writing.

While tattoo evacuations are ending up progressively successful, the bigger a tattoo is, the littler the odds are of expelling it. The shading additionally has any kind of effect, as there are a few colors which the body battles to ingest amid treatment.People normally choose something little as their first tattoo. It’s simply in the wake of getting inked numerous circumstances that they choose to get sizeable and to a great degree, a changeless bit of work of art engraved on their skin and that is precisely what Justin Bieber has done.

The ‘Baby’ singer is no stranger to going under the needle – he was even lectured about his fondness of tattoos by David Letterman in 2012 – and according to UsWeekly, he has at least 60 tattoos. Now the skin on his torso is completely inked.

Bieber reportedly spent a staggering 26 hours getting the tattoo, and he had it inked over a three-day period. It’s no secret that the torso is a painful place to get tattooed, so he must have a high pain tolerance to have gotten it done so quickly.The 23-year-old chose famed tattooer Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy for the job. “Thank you for the trust,” he wrote to Bieber on Instagram. “26 hours over 3 consecutive days is the most I’ve ever tattooed anyone in my 13-year career. You’re tough as nails man!”Bang Bang then shared the arduous process of creating the tattoo with his 1.8 million followers on Instagram.Bieber unveiled his latest and largest inking on the photosharing app on Saturday. His legions of fans were shocked by the inking which covers the majority of the star’s upper body.

Whilst some were quick to criticize the star, writing comments like, “What a mess!” Others were supportive of his decision, writing, “We love you, Justin, no matter what, it’s your body, your choice and it’s your life. We will support you anyway because true Beliebers never leave.”Later that day, Bieber shared a video which shows the tattoo in more detail. It is a religious scene featuring a skeleton, gargoyles, an eagle – all of which is underneath a cross tattoo that he has had for some time.

The singer’s decision to get such a large religious tattoo could be the result of him using religion to help him cope with the pressures of fame after a well-publicised battle with addiction.The tattoo covered up a number of Bieber’s existing tattoos including the phrase “Son of God”.

 Justin Bieber’s other tattoos include a treble clef behind his ear, which he got for obvious reasons, and a large eye on the crook of his left arm – he reportedly got the eye so that his mom could keep an eye on him at all times.Bieber got his first tattoo when he was just 16 years old – a small bird on his left hip. It’s a reference to Richard Bach’s novella Jonathan Livingston Seagull – a fable about “a seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull.”

But on the off chance that Bieber decides to have any of his tattoos removed in the future, this is the painful process which he will have to endure.

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