Let’s be together, at least for all of this life

When you’re infatuated with somebody, and when that one uncommon individual is close by, even the coldest and most miserable days appear to be brighter and hotter for both of you. A unimportant look at a portion of the completely endearing illustrations of Korean craftsman Puuung delineate splendidly the a large number of little manners by which that awesome warm sparkle of adoration is communicated.

We at I prescribe you take a couple of minutes to wonder about these photos — we’re sure that they’ll persuade you over again that affection is in the seemingly insignificant details — and sentiment is the thing that drives the world as we know it.

How wonderful it is just to be together


That feeling you get when you read books together

м м _ м

Give the cat a bath together


Go shopping as a couple


Or just learn something new


There’s nothing in the world quite like the opportunity to look after each other


To console each other in your hour of need


Or just taking funny photos together


You can get so much joy from doing even the simplest things, like cooking


Watching TV shows when it’s cold outside


Or simply having fun


Somehow, even your everyday routine becomes brighter


And warmer


With you at my side


Let this last forever


By the way, at present the artist is running a contest called ’Global Storypic Challenge’. It’s for illustrators all over the world — for those who have huge potential to be the next ’Puuung’.

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