New Heartwarming Reports About Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Son With ‘Special Needs’

There is some controversy surrounding Kate and Jon Gosselin and their family, but we have some news that will warm your heart. The good news that we can all celebrate is that the couple’s 13-year-old son, Collin Gosselin, is “thriving” in his away facility.


He is getting accustomed to navigating his life with special needs. This means that he will hopefully be on his way home sooner rather than later. The ‘Kate Plus 8’ reality star, Kate Gosselin, had previously admitted that she had sent her son Collin away. However, his needs were undisclosed.

The celebrity mom told People magazine about her difficult decision. She stated, “Collin has special needs. [There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things…”

She adds, “This has been a struggle we’ve had for a very long time, and it’s one I’ve dealt with on my own. I’ve felt very alone in this. By the same token, it’s not something that has only impacted me or him – our entire family has been impacted.” Fast forward to a little over a year and it looks as though 13-year-old Collin is doing very well. A source that’s close to the family said, “Kate decided to send him to a facility because she thought it was best for him.”

The source also added that Collin appears to be flourishing and “he’s responding very well to one-on-one instruction. He definitely finds it easier to function and cope better without all the chaos that his home life entails.”


We hope that things become easier for Collin and the entire Gosselin family which includes Cara and Madelyn, 17, and Hannah, Joel, Alexis, Leah, and Aaden, 13.

Reports claim that Jon Gosselin is currently seeking GoFundMe donations to help pay for his court fees and that Kate is rumored to have been brainwashing the kids against their dad. In any case, the family needs good news and Collin seems to have provided some.


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