25 Perfectly Timed Photos Taken Just Milliseconds Before Disaster Struck

There are tons of things that could go wrong during the day, but that’s what makes life so unpredictable. Unfortunately, not all of us have the common sense to stay away from danger. Some of us actually get a thrill out of tempting fate. Just look at these 37 spine-tingling images taken moments before the unimaginable happened.


#2. The Cargo’s Falling

We’re guessing this is what they mean when they say wide load. That cargo ship was so packed that it looked all the cargo was about to topple over. In fact, some of the containers were crushed while only four of them wound up falling in the water. Fortunately, no one got hurt in the incident and the boat didn’t go bottoms up.

#3. A Quick Exit

This pilot managed to eject himself seconds before his Harrier Jump Jet crashed in front of a live audience during an air show. In fact, some people thought it was all part of the show. But fortunately, no one, not even the pilot suffered any injuries. But kudos to the photographer for being so brave.

#4. Beware The Clowns

Believe it or not, fear of clowns is a condition some people struggle with. In fact, it’s called Coulrophobia, which is something that baker is about to experience. Poor guy! He has no idea what’s coming around the corner, but we can imagine that those pastries won’t have a long shelf life after he has a major meltdown on the sidewalk.

#5. The Stunt Kid

This kid seems to be enjoying being the next Evil Knievel. His little sister is pretty impressed too. But his mom is freaking out on that canoe. Just look at her face. She knows that whatever happens, her kid’s going to be aching for like a week. Fortunately, he didn’t suffer any scars from his daredevil stunt.

#6. Eyes Forward

Okay, we get it! She has a nice body. But this is why you should never walk and gawk at the same time. This guy was so embarrassed when he ran into that pole. Who knows? Maybe she heard the thump and turned around, but probably not.

#7. A Titanic Failure

So this couple decided to reenact that scene on the edge of the boat with Rose and Jack on the Titanic. But things got really awkward when a seagull swooped in and ruined the moment. Guess the heart might go on, but that lady’s nose won’t.

#8. Water Flying

These skis are supposed to be safer than conventional ones. But that third guy looks like he’s auditioning to play Superman. It looks like when the boat started up, it gave him a bigger jolt than he expected. Ironically, he didn’t crash into his buddies below, but he did get seriously water burned.

#9. Surfing With Sharks

Believe it or not, Seth actually knew that the shark was there and thought it would be fun to surf close to it anyway. Ironically, the shark must have been full, because he didn’t bother Seth, and they ended up going their separate ways. No harm no foul..

#10. The Crash Landing

In 1998, Nigel Corner, a race car driver in the Goodwood Revival, survived a crash that should have killed him. During a Motor Sports Magazine interview, Corner admitted that if he’d been wearing a seatbelt, he’d have died. So, we’re guessing that seatbelts don’t always save lives, at least, not when you’re in a brutal tight race.

11. The Curious Elephant

This couple seemed like they were bracing for the inevitable as a giant elephant walked up to their VW and started sniffing it with his trunk. So many things could have gone wrong here, like the animal sitting and crushing the occupants of the car or tossing the vehicle away. But the couple eventually drove off without a scratch to their car.

12. When An Octopus Attacks

If an octopus perceives someone as a threat, it can paralyze and leave them without the ability to breathe. Guess he was so irresistible that this 8-legged beauty couldn’t help herself. Fortunately, the man faked being paralyzed, which allowed them to take it off of the man’s back without harming anyone or anything.

13. Tastes Just Like Chicken

Camels rarely attack humans but they are known for being aggressive with one another. But on occasion, they will sniff a human out and mess with their hair. But for some odd reason, this camel was frustrated or hungry and decided to try and eat this poor tourist.

14. Don’t Dance And Drink

This pole dancer on the subway was asking for trouble, but not only because of the stunt she was pulling. She was also holding a drink in her hand. That poor guy! But then again, it’s unexpected moments like these and weird people that make you avoid public transportation altogether..

15. The Feline Missile

If shooting cats out of a cannon wasn’t inhumane, this is what they’d look like. Just look at the fierce determination on its face. Whatever this cat was chasing, it wasn’t about to let anything stand in its way. Oddly enough, cats don’t usually waste energy on anything they don’t deem worth the trouble.

16. The Fatal Bee Sting

If you’ve ever been stung by a baby, you should cry, but not for yourself, unless you’re allergic. You should grieve for the poor honey bee because when they sting someone and fly away, they leave their guts, nerves, and muscles behind, causing them to die.

17. Swimming With A Python

This woman is like a python’s equivalent of the mother of all dragons. Now Burmese Pythons can swallow an entire human, but this lady doesn’t seem concerned at all. Maybe she can talk to animals. That would totally explain why she wasn’t strangled or eaten by this slithering creature.

18. It’s Puking Time

How classy! While everyone else was getting ready to take the perfect shot, the blonde girl couldn’t hold her liquor or her dinner, and literally, let it all out. Now that’s the kind of moment you certainly don’t need a photo to remember.

19. The Nose Dive

Talk about perfect timing! This photo was taken a second before the vehicle dove nose first into the water. But don’t panic. This wasn’t an accident. The car was dropped from the sky and there was no inside. As to why someone did this, we can only assume they literally had nothing better to waste their time with.

20. Clubbed At The Ballgame

Baseball games are so popular, someone should start a club. Oh wait, someone came up with a better idea. Instead of hitting the ball, why not send a club hurtling through the air until it knocks someone’s teeth out. Just comes to show you that you can’t be too careful, even at a baseball stadium.

21. The Lurking Cat

This hunter’s a cougar hound, he just doesn’t know it yet. While he’s savoring his victory for taking out an elk, that mountain lion, who isn’t usually very aggressive, seems to be checking him out, possibly because It’s hungry and wants to make the elk and the guy it’s next meal.

22. Instant Horse Ejection

Horse riders know that it’s a dangerous sport and unexpected things can happen too. But then again, it’s like riding a motorcycle, only livelier and prettier. On second thought, this might be more terrifying than a motorcycle, especially when you get ahead of the horse during a death-defying jump.

23. You’ll Scope Your Eye Out

This lady is holding the rifle over her eye socket when she should be shouldering it instead. So when she shoots, the recoil is going to push the scope into her eyeball. But who knows? Maybe she’s an expert. It could explain why she doesn’t seem too worried about losing an eye.

24. Wicked Sense Of Humor

This poor lady must’ve gone number 2 in her bikini when her husband held a stingray against her back. Fortunately, the only thing that happened was this priceless expression going viral, causing several memes to be used with her face. Sadly, we all know how powerful a stingray’s sting can be. Just ask Steve Irwin. Fortunately, this woman lived to tell the tale.

25. The Pool Deck Gymnastic Fail

A backflip or somersault is definitely going to impress the ladies at a public pool, unless of course, this happens. One miscalculation in this guy ended up rearranging his face. Hopefully, he managed to keep most of his teeth. But boy that moment of impact must have hurt real bad.

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