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Reason Why This 20 Year Old Insta Sensation Turns Into A Sex Educator Will Shock You!

Eileen Kelly, a 20-year-old New York-based blogger, better known as @killerandasweetthang became the center of controversy after being talked about by the New York Post in January.

She was portrayed as a sugar baby trying to attract older men who love to prey on young girls. But that is not what Kelly is doing and she is really devastated by the fact that the Post profiled her as,”I fuel fantasies of men who want sex with young girls, and I’m fine with it.”

Her friends, when they texted her about the story, she nearly had a heart attack.

Is having a voice on the internet so bad?

“Literally when I saw the title I freaked out.”, she said.

“Doing that is hurting me, and a bunch of other young women who have voices on the Internet.”, she added.

Even though the Post mentioned most of her Instagram account as being impulsive.

She has amassed almost 315k, including a handful of celebrities in her follower’s list.

She spends most of her time running a sex-positive Tumblr blog.

She started it when she was in High school, from her Hometown in Seattle.

She described her blog to be a space where teenage girls can go real and honest.

The blog contains worldwide gritty information about sex, relationships, and puberty.

She says,”I’ve always been super passionate about sex education.”

And these mere reasons make her a pedophilia enthusiast?

She wanted to create a space on the Internet highlighting the various questions teenagers have in their mind.

Because she went through the same.

She was alone when she was in her first period and even when she had abrupt questions in her mind.

She just had her dad by her side.

She’d been through so much pain, that now she doesn’t give a damn.

On her Tumblr, she answers questions from anonymous teens.

The inquiries include,”Did you lose your virginity to the individual you cherished?” and, “How would you manage somebody unliking you?”.

These are the sorts of inquiries the vast majority of the youngsters are growing up with. Her photos on Instagram are nothing contrasted with the ones posted by Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid.

And Instagram with its strict rule wouldn’t have allowed anything truly scandalous, anyway.

Kelly said she posts such pictures on her account because she is body positive.

She says she loves her body the way it is and would like all the girls out there to embrace their bodies just the way they are.

Although whatever is happening to her is nothing new, let’s congratulate her for being so positive.

She isn’t simply the just a single being scrutinized for acting naturally. For a few, it’s difficult to separate amongst bareness and sex. Kelly has even propelled her own site where she’ll keep helping every one of those curious young people with their inquiries. Offer this story to tell others the significance of cherishing yourself all around you need.

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