See How Different Your Childhood Crush From the ’90s Looks Today

If you’re a ’90s kid or you simply love following the lives of celebrities, you’ll know that those who were crush-worthy have grown up immensely over the last decade. Whether you had an eye for Mila Kunis, Joshua Jackson, or even Nick Carter from The Backstreet Boys..

Leonardo DiCaprio


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Did you love everything Titanic? Did you have posters of Leo on your wall growing up? Some would argue that he’s even more handsome today.

Mila Kunis


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Many came to love Mila Kunis for her role in That 70’s Show. Little did we know that she would go on to marry her co-star, Ashton Kutcher.

Ashton Kutcher


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Speaking of Ashton Kutcher, this guy grew up to be completely handsome and charming.

Jennifer Aniston


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Guys loved her, girls wanted to be her. Jennifer Aniston — or rather Rachel Green — stole our hearts on the set of the sitcom Friends.

Joshua Jackson


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Dawson’s Creek was a favorite among many during the ’90s. Were you Team Pacey or Team Dawson?

Gillian Anderson


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The X-Files caused a few sleepless nights for those who were freaked out by extraterrestrial activity. For others, Gillian Anderson graced their dreams.

Christina Ricci


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The star of Casper and The Addams Family, Christina Ricci grew up to be ever so elegant and beautiful.

Nick Carter


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The Backstreet Boys were huge during the ’90s, especially with their hit “Everybody.” And it’s safe to say that nearly everybody loved Nick Carter.

Brad Pitt


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Brad Pitt, arguably the sexiest man alive at one point or another, has aged gracefully and is still rocking Hollywood.

Kirsten Dunst


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Kirsten Dunst, who played little Judy Shephard in Jumanji in 1995, has most certainly grown up. Today, she is a world-famous actress with two new films, Woodshock and The Beguiled, coming out in early 2017.

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