Student Gives Text Scammer a ‘Mini Heart Attack’ by Giving Him a Taste of His Own Medicine

Her Tweet also served as a warning to other users who might have been texted by scammers like this person.

A few years ago, getting a text message that you won the lottery or a certain raffle will make you jump in excitement. But today, these text messages are obviously a form of scam that many people choose to brush it off or simply block the sender. Most of the time, what gives the scammer away is their grammatically incorrect text or incorrect spelling of words, while others are just plain obvious.

This young student saw right through a scammer’s text and decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. Captioned “how to give scammers a mini heart attack,” Shaina Gimao posted a couple of screenshots on Twitter, showing how she got revenge on a would-be scammer.

According to the scammer, Shaina had won a hefty P550, 000 and a laptop from a certain CONSUELO COMPANY. Knowing it was a scam, Shaina thought of a creative way to get back at the scammer—she gave him a taste of his own medicine.

“Congratulations! You have successfully subscribed to Prayer of the Day! 50 Pesos will be deducted from your load,” she replied.

Thinking the message was real, the scammer replied with the word “Cancel,” hoping nothing will be deducted from his load. However, Shaina replied with, “Sorry, you have entered an invalid code. Please try again.”

Her Tweet has reached thousands of people, who mostly commended her for her creativity in getting back at the scammer.

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