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Techniques To Use Against Animals When Trying To Survive Attack

Roaming around the forest is always adventurous and exciting thing to do. Many people love to spend time in forests. But, there are some precautionary measures which needs to be taken once you decide to head to forests. You need proper knowledge about the techniques to survive in those testing conditions. Forests are full of deadly animals and there is quite a chance you will encounter them once you enter their territory. It is always better to be prepared for unexpected encounter in the forest. Here are 12 techniques that will help you survive a deadly battle with different animals:


Generally, elephants are clever and friendly but they can also attack sometimes especially female elephants who think that you are threat to their babies. Try to read the body language of elephant as it will give you an idea about whether they are going to attack or not. If elephant attacks, don’t run away. Instead, try to stand behind a barrier like a rock or a tree.



Rhinos have a very bad eyesight and because of it, they get frightened easily and attack. It is difficult to run away from them as they can chase at the speed of 60 km per hour. The best way to save yourself from Rhinos is by standing behind a tree. Tree is big kind of obstacle for Rhinos. Rhinos will also not follow you through bushes or high grass.



Hippos always come across as a nice animal but there are large amount of people fall prey to this animal. As per statistics, there are larger number of people who die at the hand of hippos in comparison to crocodile. Best way to escape the hippos is by climbing a tree, a big rock or a sharp hill. Also try to avoid the tall grass in forest as hippos generally hide there.


Image Source: howtodoright.com


There is popular misconception that bulls react to color. Instead, they react to motion. It is advisable that you stand still when a bull approaches you. You can use your clothes and hats as a thing which will distract the bull. Once the bull comes close to you, you throw these things away from yourself. As the bull reacts to motion, it is highly likely that it will move in the direction of things that you threw.


Image Source: www.inquisitr.com


Gorillas are often called king of the jungles. They behave just like a leader. They will go out of their way to protect their families and space. It is said that they will not attack you once you behave well with them. Once confronted by a gorilla, try to sit quietly below the height of gorilla. You should also avoid direct eye contact. It is believed that gorillas do not attack the weak and defenseless.


Image Source: gawker.com


Bees are very protective about their hive. They can also attack if you are just quietly passing by close to the hive. If you wore a dark color shirt or t-shirt, there are high chances of you getting a sting. If the bees are chasing, you try to hide yourself in dark places as the absence of light will mislead them.


Image Source: www.perfectbee.com


You will be relieved to know that there almost 150 types of sharks present on the planet and it is only 20 of them who attack humans. However, if you encounter these 20 sharks, there is very less chance that you will be able to escape. Once you are underwater, it is always advisable to avoid putting blood or urine in the water as sharks sense it even being many kilometers away. In case you encounter a shark, don’t try to rush away from the situation. Instead, you should move slowly. If you get caught by a shark, try to hit its eyes and gills as they are most vulnerable parts.


Image Source: moviehole.net


Kangaroos are those type of animal who will only attack in case you have invaded its territory. In order to avoid the conflict with kangaroos, try to cough as it shows that you are ill. Also, try to move back slowly as it will give an impression that you are less dangerous. It is advisable that you don’t run away and don’t turn your back. If you do it, Kangaroo will reach out to you in a flash and you will be caught.


Image Source: howtodoright.com

9 Lions

In case you encounter a lion, don’t turn your back and also don’t look away from it as discontinuance in eye contact will urge the big cat to attack. Try to give an impression that you are big by lifting your jacket. This way lion may try to avoid contact. You can also try to talk to a lion in a moderately loud and confident tone. Such behaviors will mislead the animal and it will think you as an irritation.


Image Source: uniquehunting.com


Jellyfish’s strings give you big and long pain. There is a popular misconception that peeing on the jellyfish stings will relieve you immediately but that is only a myth. Instead, when you get a jellyfish sting, wash it with saltwater as soon as it is possible. Don’t ever try to use fresh water on the spot. It is always better to use antihistamine cream. You can apply it on the sting.


Image Source: www.natgeokids.com

11Crocodiles or Alligators

Crocodiles are one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. Their jaws are strongest on earth. Once, you get trapped in it, it is almost impossible to get free from it. If you come within the jaws of this animal, you should try to hit it on the eyes and throat as they are most vulnerable parts of their body. If you spot a crocodile on the ground, start running zigzag with making noises. And, if you see a crocodile in water, you should not splash and make noise. Instead, try to swim away quietly.

Crocodiles or Alligators

Image Source: www.wikipedia.org


It is important to know that most of the snakes are not poisonous. It is said that 80 percent of the snake bites are received when people are trying to catch them. When you are being chased by a snake, try to stomp, the vibration will mislead the snake and there are chances that it will leave you. In case you are bitten by a snake, don’t try to suck the poison. It is always better to wash it with tap water.


Image Source: www.trendsandlife.com

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