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Veteran Enraged When Cruel Lunch Lady Dumps 4-Year-Old’s Lunch In Trash

Breakfast has long been thought of as one of the most important meals of the day. And this isn’t just hearsay from moms and grandmas. This has been proven by scientists and nutritionists. Those who are athletically trained, whether in a sport or in weightlifting, should focus on their meals before and after training and also first thing in the morning. But even for those who don’t exercise as much, breakfast is still an essential meal since it provides your body with sufficient energy to start the day.

When a 4-year-old girl got denied breakfast at a school, an army veteran was not pleased.

Read on to find out what Kelvin Holt did.

Kelvin Holt is a retired veteran of the United States Army who spent over 32 years in service. More recently, he is a special education teacher in Central Texas.

His role in the army was a multitude of positions that included: medic, mechanic and a helicopter pilot.

Kevin watched one morning as a 4-year-old girl patiently waited in line for her breakfast. As she handed her PIN card over to the cashier she was struck with some devastating and embarrassing news.

The lunch lady loudly announced that she was out of money and grabbed the tray of food from the little girl. She even went so far as to dump out the food right in front of the child.

Kelvin, who happened to be the substitute teacher that day, would have happily paid the $1.50 for the little girl’s breakfast but he was not carrying his wallet at the time.

Kelvin was struck with sorrow as he saw the girl return to her table, surrounded by her friends who were eating their breakfast, and she began to cry.

This act is known as ‘lunch shaming,’ where students are publicly shamed when they do not have enough money to pay for their food. This can be due to parents forgetting to load their child’s card.

When Kelvin witnessed this cruel act, he said his ‘jaw dropped’ and that ‘it felt like he got kicked in the gut.’ He wasn’t upset at the lunch lady (although what she did wasn’t all that charitable), he was upset at the state for allowing this rule to be implemented.

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