Woman Uses 16-Gauge Needle To Pop Large Ganglion Cyst On Her Wrist

Picture this: you’ve been living with this bump on your hand for a long time. Over the years it’s gotten bigger and bigger. You have a joy of popping pimples, but this one seems a little too big to just squeeze out. One day, you’ve honestly had enough and decide to take a screwdriver and pop the sucker yourself.

If you’re into those strangely satisfying videos that come from Dr. Pimple, then you’re definitely going to want to see this video of a woman named Nicolette Madanat who has a giant ganglion cyst on her wrist. Basically, it’s a soft-tissue lump that’s filled with gooey liquid. It’s also extremely disgusting, so proceed with caution. Seriously. If you’re eating lunch just put it down or turn away (unless you’re on a quest to see how much grossness you can watch while eating, then, by all means, keep reading).

Once Madanat has decided that she had enough of living her life with an arm cyst, she takes matters into her own hands and pulls out a 16 gauge needle to push the gunk out. Although it looks like she knows what she’s doing, I probably wouldn’t recommend trying this at home. It’s really not worth the risk of infection.

We honestly have to give Nicolette some serious props for having the guts to simply get up, find a tool laying around her home and basically performing a mini-surgical procedures at her home. She really pulled through the pain…the difficult, disgusting pain.

With rubber gloves on, Madanat inserts the needle into the golf ball sized lump. That’s when things start to get messy. There is something so strangely satisfying about watching someone get rid of the gunk in their skin. Although many people probably won’t admit it, it’s definitely something that many people enjoy viewing (judging by the high view counts on cosmetic videos like this. Madanat’s video currently has over 1.5 million views.)

It’s true what they say, there’s an audience for everything on the Internet these days and watching a massive pimple get popped or even something more intense like a cyst getting popped appeals to a ton of people. A lot of you don’t really understand why, and might not have the stomach for it, but believe it or not there’s so many people that are loving watching these videos.

This is definitely a bit gross so if these types of things make you feel uncomfortable, you might want to look away right about now. This is the point of no return. I know there are a ton of you who are secretly satisfied by these types of videos, so for the morbidly curious, click on the next page to watch the action.

But watch with extreme caution. I repeat, if you are eating or with someone who has a weak stomach and can potential yack right next to you, don’t watch this video. Oh also, if you love eating caviar this video might completely change that. It’s gross to say, but the pus that starts oozing out of the woman’s wrist is one long trail that looks similar to caviar. Really sorry to ruin that for you!

Even though the clip is only a minute long, if you’re not into seeing pus come out of someone’s skin, this video seems like a three-hour Harry Potter film. It’s not only the squeezing that astonished people, but it’s what this woman did after she got the puss out that really was the icing on the cake.

At first, nothing much happens, but then after some poking and squeezing, the slightly translucent orange gunk begins to ooze out of her wrist. “Slightly translucent gunk” is the tamest and most clinical way I can describe this without resorting to expletives. It’s a giant mess.

Obviously, this entire thing is pretty unsanitary and unsafe. You know, the whole doing a procedure that you have never in your life done before and using a device you randomly found in your toolbox. This is probably the last thing you should ever do.

The more she pushes down on it, the more the gel-like fluid piles up on her skin. I wonder if this procedure hurt at all. When she’s finished, she’s left with a huge pile of goop.

You see, after Nicolette managed to extract whatever has been growing inside there, she decided to take the fluid that was drained from her skin and decided to play with it. Yepp…that’s right. Gloves on, she decided to play with the excess pus like a 3-year-old plays with Play-do. We really wish we were making this up. Honestly.

In fact, I strongly recommend that if you do happen to find an enlarged lump, bump, or spot anywhere on your body to go see your doctor or any medical professional. Pretending you’re a doctor and taking matters can be fun, but it also can be extremely dangerous and can end in a disaster.

I’m guessing this probably took a few more rounds to clear, and if you’re into this type of thing you’re probably going to be replaying this one a few times. Check out the strangely satisfying moment below. Remember not to try this at home!

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